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  • Tyson Jones posted 1666 days ago

    Tyson Jones

    Thanks for the compliment, and I'm glad you enjoyed the article. I like to pride myself on offering something different in the WWE section of B/R. Not for the sole purpose of being different, because I think that's what's needed and to an extent, what people want to read about. They don't want to read about how great CM Punk is or how Cena is bad for WWE every day, and I think the article's that spawn from The Miz--especially those highlighting him and showing him in a positive light can help bring more variety to that part of B/R.

    As for The Miz in the World Title hunt, let's just look at where exactly Miz was. Is it really his fault he was Champion when Rock was asked to come back? Being a third wheel in a situation involving The Rock and John Cena--two of the biggest names in the history of WWE, isn't really something one can avoid, but hand it to Miz who made his mark in more than one way. Destroying Cena via his Rock impersonation, his pre-WM promo, and even winning the match at Mania. He'd be a pretty big fish in the pond that is the World Title hunt, given the proper booking.

    Again, thank you for the compliment and I'm happy to hear you enjoyed it.

  • Rob Easter posted 1817 days ago

    Rob Easter

    Levi, Thanks for the nice comment. I get frustrated by the trolls who constantly rip on BSU to make themselves feel better about eith er their team or their life. Having played College football and being close to some in the 'know' at the BSU athletic offices I do feel I have some insight that those 'fans' don't. You seem to come at this process with some intellience and that is noiticed. keep up the good job and I'll look forward to reading more of your comments.