Huge sports nut. College basketball and WWE are my favorites but I'm open to everything.

Currently a student at South Dakota State Univeristy, majoring in Journalism with an emphasis on writing. I've been acknowledged at the greatest Subway sandwich artist you will ever meet. Four year boys basketball manager for Windom boys basketball team and am continuing that with the Jacks men's basketball team and working with Daktronics on camera work for State games on campus.

Looking to use Bleacher Report to further my abilities as a writer as well as establishing myself with an audience. I love feedback from readers, positive or negative, because it not only helps me in the long run but it also means the reader took the time to read my article and tell me how they felt about my writing.

This is my first time writing for a website but I've also written sports articles for my local newspaper. Writing is my passion and look forward to a potential career in the sports writing field.

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  • Sports Lover posted 1654 days ago

    Sports Lover

    Do you ever write for wrestling?

  • Brian Weaver posted 1970 days ago

    Brian Weaver

    Funny stuff my man, if you do a follow up on WWE courses i'll definitely read it.

  • Mike Ox Huge posted 1971 days ago

    Mike Ox Huge

    Hey man, you're a great writer in my opinion and I think you should check out http://www.wrestleenigma.com/ You'd be a great addition there.

  • Ryan Dilbert posted 2026 days ago

    Ryan Dilbert

    Hey Nathan, appreciate the props on the "fans will never be happy article." Hope you check out more of my work in the future.

  • Zach Cross posted 2032 days ago

    Zach  Cross

    Hi Nathan
    Do you think Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar will fight at Summerslam and do you think Randy Orton will win. Do you think Triple H will be back and do you think he will continue his feud with John Laurinaitis and eventually become GM of RAW and SD or do you think John will stay GM for awhile.

  • Zach Cross posted 2043 days ago

    Zach  Cross

    Hi Nathan
    I enjoyed your article on John Laurinaitis and John Cena and was wondering if you think John Laurinaitis will cause problems for Randy Orton.

  • Justin Eldridge posted 2058 days ago

    Justin Eldridge

    You're very welcome. Keep up the good work man!

  • Dustin Herendeen posted 2059 days ago

    Dustin Herendeen

    No problem man it was a great article!

  • Ryan Papaserge posted 2071 days ago

    Ryan  Papaserge


    If you want to link another article inside your article, highlight the part of the text/phrase you want to include the link in. On the writer interface, click the little link logo on the first toolbar (I believe). A pop-up should appear that will allow you to insert the link.

    Let me know if that works for you.

  • Maria Cane posted 2180 days ago

    Maria Cane

    MUST Read for ALL wrestling fans! The 1st part to WWE:Life After Attitude Era: The Beginning Years http://bleacherreport.com/articles/963546-wwes-special-mc-report-life-after-attitude-era-the-beginning-years-part-i

    Comments, retweets, likes, anything apprecaited!