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  • Karl Matchett posted 2057 days ago

    Karl Matchett

    did get your message mate just not had enough time to write as long a reply as i need to :) will do soon

  • Avinash Giridhar posted 2145 days ago

    Avinash Giridhar

    Mate any idea which channel is telecasting the FA cup match tonight?

  • Avinash Giridhar posted 2149 days ago

    Avinash Giridhar

    Correction in the previous comment I meant

    "Downing has NOT been on fire" mate...

  • Avinash Giridhar posted 2149 days ago

    Avinash Giridhar

    Yeah mate I would like a similar line up.
    Have been held up with work so dono if Liverpool have appealed Suarez's ban, if they've not then he'll be missing 8 games starting with the City game.

    If not I agree we should have Suarez up-top with Gerrard in the hole. Maybe Maxi on the left and Bellamy on the right, Downing has been on fire and well Maxi just scores too often to be kept out.

    Well I absolutely GUTTED with the rumors mate. We should be chasing if not atleast trying for the Pato's and Higuain's of the world but we are still sticking to the flopped English policy and chasing players who'll add close to nothing to the squad. We dont need Cahill, we are pretty secure at the back IMO, even if Aggar gets injured (pray that does not happen), Skrtel has been in the form of his life and Carra is well rested. Regarding Bent, 27 year old whose assets are finishing and turn of pace at best, will cost us upwards of 20 milliion which is a total waste IMO. Podolski, Huntelaar or even De Jong are younger, cheaper and much better options so I'm really disappointed.

    Lets just hope these are just rumours and nothing more. What shocks me is that Reus has a 15 million euro buyout clause in his contract and still no club has moved for him. How I wish we'd sign him.

  • Avinash Giridhar posted 2151 days ago

    Avinash Giridhar

    Yeah we played pretty well and deserved the result because of the way we dominated possession. MOTM for me was actually Skrtel. What a clearance mate, being a defender myself I can relate to how difficult it is to pull that off. He kept Demba Ba very quiet as well and was solid throughout the game.

    Now to STEVIE, one word... CLASS, he just single handedly made Livrepool dominate the last 30 minutes with his runs, crosses and finally that exquisite goal. What a run and then to finish from such a tight angle, I have to agree that if he can stay fit he will become the most valuable player for us this season as well. Other positives were Bellamy!!!! both goals were brilliantly taken with the first finding the bottom corner through a sea of bodies and amazing free kick for the 2nd. Downing was better again and looked threatening at times.

    Now to the negatives,
    1) Passing from full backs was very sloppy. Johnson has to stop misplacing simple crosses while attacking and Enrique should refrain from holding onto to the ball for too long. Gives away possession cheaply because of that at times.
    2) Hendo and Adam were average for me and were dominated by Tiote and Cabaye when Newcastle had the ball.
    3) Carroll has to find his scoring boots. His performance level dropped again as he squandered the easiest chance of the game when he miscontrolled a inch perfect pass from Gerrard. Unlucky with the header for me but bottom-line is he has to score and also maintain his work rate.

    All in all I'm delighted with the 3 points but on many occasions during the match there was no pass and move. It was more like NO PASS and only move for me which has to improve. The positives did outweigh the negatives IMO for this game atleast. To City then....

  • Avinash Giridhar posted 2152 days ago

    Avinash Giridhar

    Well mate for starters I am not judging Carroll of Newcastle, I am judging Carroll at Liverpool.

    For me what stood out was his work rate and movement which were top draw. 3 chances is not enough when 2 have been saved by very good goal keeping mate. People are saying the 1st chance should have been a goal but he is 3 feet out, the ball has bounced off a player and landed in front of Carroll and he is stretching to meet it. Add to it the goal keeper made himself very big and hence the angle became very narrow. Proximity to a player can become very hindering and that was the case here according to me. And as for his thunderous left foot, I personally dont see it happening unless he gets a run of games and regains his confidence. With all the slaughtering (based on the price tag mostly) and criticism coming his way it is unfair to expect him to replicate his Newcastle form. I mean FERNANDO TORRES one of the best strikers in the world is in shatters because of his form so without confidence we are actually talking about a 22 year old who saw fame for sometime and now is seeing the opposite end of what fame brings.
    Anyways its fair to say that we differ in our opinion on Carroll for now.

    Well I would also have Maxi start off on the left and do see sense in your lineup although Adam might start for Maxi. Anyways to the game mate, lets hope for the best.

  • Avinash Giridhar posted 2153 days ago

    Avinash Giridhar

    Well for me the Blackburn game was much better than the WIgan performance. Atleast our defence played well even though this was partly because of Blackburn lacklustre attack for quite a few spells during the game. On the attacking front we did create a lot of chances although again bad finishing couple with great goal keeping denied us the 3 points.

    Agree Downing was bright and Adam had a very poor game. But the best part apart from Gerrard returning was ANDY CARROLL. Yes the big guy put in a very busy performance full of running and good movement to be honest. Had the delivery from full backs and wingers been better and the goalie not been spectacular, Carroll would have surely scored and deserved it for the performance. One look at the fouls on Suarez reveals that, Carroll was not the monster but kept defenders busy and hence allowed Suarez more time on the ball. To be fair Suarez did create some chances for himself but just did not convert them.

    I have been saying this from day one that the Adam Henderson partnership will never work unless we switch to a 3-4-3 where there will be more cover at the back. This is down to the fact that both Hendo and Adam are attack minded players and get forward more often than not leaving gaps in midfield which can be punished on the counter. In a 4-4-2 the understanding is vital as in when one midfielder gets forward the other focuses defensively and vice versa but that has not been happening for us.

    Anyways we cannot change the past and I agree we overpaid for most players. The upcoming window will be critical and I do hope we sign some world class quality. I agree with the areas although I dont see the need for a defensive mid as I'd prefer us going 3-4-3 or 3-4-1-2 but do feel we need to buy a world class poacher and a versatile attacking mid capable of playing both wings.

    I would welcome the players you've listed but being realistic I cant see Moura or M'Vila joining in Jan. Sao Paulo are not willing to sell Lucas at any cost so only a bid of 25 mil will tempt them and I dont see Comolli going for him(I do hope he does...) and M'Vila has too many options.

    Podolski, Huntelaar, De Jong are realistic options but the dream would be to sign Damaio or Pato if they are available. Cavani and Higuain are out of our reach IMO.

    Now to the present... Without Suarez I'd like to see Bellamy partner Carroll up top. A 3-4-3 would be welcome with Maxi or Downing joining the strikers upfront. Realistically I see us in a 4-4-2 with Bellamy and Carroll up top and Maxi, Hendo, Adam and Downing in midfield. The defense selects itself. Gerrard looked very sharp but given the long lay off and just 3 days since the Blackburn game, I guess he'll start on the bench.

    It'll be a tight game and a lot will depend on how we keep Demba quite.
    Key duels
    Hendo Adam vs Tiote Cabaye
    Their wing backs vs our wingers
    Finally if Carroll starts.. will he be able to replicate his previous outing and add a goal as well.

    What do you think mate...

  • Avinash Giridhar posted 2157 days ago

    Avinash Giridhar

    Hey mate,

    I somehow missed your previous message.
    Anyways here goes

    I believe the performance against Wigan was our worst of the season so far.
    Too many players making too many silly errors and unnecessarily putting the team under pressure. The finishing devil again raised its head and we should have won the game 2-0 to be honest.

    I'll go over the ratings one by one

    Reina - 6.5 - Wouldn't have expected to make as many saves but he was comfortable, calm and confident. Came out well on corners to punch away. Now to the disappointments, one straight pass to Maxi when under pressure was unnecessary and set off a goal threat. Also I just couldn't understand why Reina kept launching the ball upfront and tiring Suarez unnecessarily. Wasn't it obvious that Wigan were playing a 3 man back line and Suarez was the lone striker so his chance to get onto the high balls was very low.

    Skrtel - 6.5 - Solid performance but some forays forward came to nothing. Also in the 2nd half he gave the ball away cheaply which added to the pressure as Wigan were swift on the counter. Moses ghosted past him on couple occasions which was a little disappointing as well.

    Aggar - 7 - Slightly better than Skrtel with his forays, defensively solid.

    Enrique - 6 - Good display offensively although his habit of holding onto the ball spurred some Wigan attacks as he lost the ball quite often in the 2nd half. On one occasion releasing Diame whose shot resulted in the corner which was Wigan's best chance. Dono how the ball stayed out to be honest. So in totality he did well but as on couple of previous occasions would have been responsible for conceding a goal because of sloppy possession.

    Johnson - 5 - Sloppy sloppy sleepy I would say. Positioning was all over the place. Sense was nowhere to be found. First of all he lost the ball one 3-4 occasions in the 2nd half which could've been goals, Moses's run and shot stands out. Offensively also baring a 15 min spell in the 1st half he was poor. He would usually get caught out of position up field and then just wouldn't track back fast enough. Finally it was foolish to attack so much knowing fully well that Downing is defensively poor and that neither of Adam or Henderson played the holding role on the night. The 2nd most horrible Liverpool player on the night.

    Speaking of poor we come to Adam - 3 - Horrendous performance by the midfielder. The worst player on the pitch on the night Everything he touched turned to dust so to speak.
    Sloppy passing, out of position, lunging and yet not even getting close to the ball, PATHETIC set pieces free kicks and corners alike and missed penalty which cost us the game. It was a poor penalty as well, Low and almost in the centre rather than his or in the corner. If I were the manager I would bench him but thankfully Kenny is wiser...

    Henderson - 6 - Anonymous performance, full of running but spotted very little quality. When the team was doing well in the opening exchanges and during a small spell in the 2nd half, he looked good but baring that was just average and never really looked like delivering a game changing through ball. Needs to improve.

    Downing - 5.5 - Again was good in flashes but the end product was still disappointing. His tracking back is just pathetic. I remember seeing Johnson lose the ball once and instead of chasing down the Wigan runner, Downing was jogging back facing our goal while Johnson was further up the pitch towards the Wigan goal. I mean that is the least I expect from our players and is one of the reasons I prefer Maxi or Bellamy starting ahead of him.

    Kuyt - 6 - Full of hard work and a stark opposite of Downing but he is limited when played on the wing and it showed. The front 4 tried to switch but it never looked fluid as Kuyt something popped up on the left and it was expected that he would be ineffective there. A shot on goal when someone cut back was wide and that sort of summed up his evening.

    Maxi - 6.5 - Showed signs of his clever movement early on but again is never going to be world class. Was better than both Kuyt and Downing and for a short span when he played in the hole he did look bright distributing the ball well. Ineffective though whenever he switched to the left.

    Suarez - 7 - Looked out of sorts on many occasions but this guy just cannot be kept down. His work ethic is 2nd to none and even though Reina's and some of the defenders distribution was poor he tirelessly chased balls. Toiled hard almost alone against a 3 man back line. Went for the outrageous with the bicycle kick which eventually led to the penalty. I feel proud every time I see Suarez on the pitch as even though there should be so much on his mind, when on the pitch he always gives 110% and its world class quality more often than not.

    Bellamy - Bright on his intro but couldn't do much during his time on the pitch. Defended well wherever Wigan threatened from the left though.

    Carroll - Had about 9 touches of the ball as far as I remember and gave the ball away only twice. Sums up the 5 min cameo to be honest. Bright spot was that he held the ball up and attacked the ball well.

    Hope they do improve against Blackburn mate. I do hope Kenny assigns the holding role to either Henderson or Adam. Against Wigan both of them attacked a lot but left a huge gap in midfield which could have proved costly.

    Your thoughts on the Blackburn game??

  • Avinash Giridhar posted 2162 days ago

    Avinash Giridhar

    Your thoughts mate???

  • Avinash Giridhar posted 2162 days ago

    Avinash Giridhar

    Hey mate, agree the players were spot on apart from Downing.

    But the formation was totally different. Shelvey in the deep-lying DM/playmaker role was never an option, that too in a 4-3-3 it seemed very bizarre since Shelvey has never played there in his career. Hence he played in a 4-5-1 in the AM role which he is accustomed to.

    Well I guess Liverpool will appeal Suarez's ban and it'll be a big call Kenny has to take whether to start him or not tonight.

    Wigan have 2 attacking full backs and on the left, Maynor Figueroa and Gomez will be a handful and I dont see Johnson coping very well with that by himself so I'd fancy Kuyt instead of Downing on the right.

    If we dont start Suarez, it'll mostly be Bellamy up top and Downing on the left.

    I'd still prefer a 3-4-3 but that aint gonna happen so this is what I see as our lineup