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  • Mr Excitement posted 2037 days ago

    Mr Excitement

    Banned several times and never cursed or anything of that nature. Stated my opinion "while keeping it clean". Called him out on being a hypocrite a few times. I don't have any proof that it was in fact him that banned me, but I find it hard to believe it was anyone else. Especially as many times as it's happened.

  • Mr Excitement posted 2038 days ago

    Mr Excitement

    Oh, it makes me also wonder if I can sign back into any of my old accounts that were banned for doing nothing more than having an opinion.

  • Mr Excitement posted 2038 days ago

    Mr Excitement

    Yeah I found it, looks like you can only comment on articles by actually emailing him now lol. Good riddance indeed. Thanks though, I sure would love B/R to release a statement lol

  • Mr Excitement posted 2039 days ago

    Mr Excitement

    I am very glad Watry has been off this site, but I would like to know the story. I highly doubt he just stopped. What is the site he is on now? just curious.

  • Dan Jackson posted 2041 days ago

    Dan Jackson

    I agree with you about Tom B. He's quite the attention whore for Watry.

  • fabian caporaso posted 2075 days ago

    fabian caporaso

    hey dude

    started flagging watry's articles as offensive. if you want you can use the comments i wrote about the article instead of coming up with stuff, feel free to do so:

    writer constantly speaks to readers who differ from his own opinion like they are idiots, and continually berates people with different opinions for streaming wwe ppvs online, instead of purchasing them, all the while posting illegal videos of the wwe product in his articles. he also baits readers into commenting on his articles so as to get high numbers for his comments section.

    this has been going on for a while, and i will be flagging all his articles for these points every time it happens.

    i will also be passing on the message for others who feel the same to flag his articles as well

    thank you

    there you go. pass it on

  • Duncan - Hardcore Legend posted 2078 days ago

    Duncan - Hardcore Legend

    Have u seen thee dude tht has changed his name to Dustin Fatry lololololol.. Keep up the good work.

  • fabian caporaso posted 2098 days ago

    fabian caporaso

    hey dude. re: justin hatry. there are more of them. i'm pretty sure it's the same guy who also had justin fag-try and justin watry's mum. he put up the best posts. sime made me laugh so hard i cried lol. i was a fan of all the guy's aliases, but he was banned, probably by watry. admittedly, he may have breached terms and conditions, but he was shit funny.