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  • Huwebes Fernandez posted 3169 days ago

    Huwebes Fernandez

    My latest article about the most vicious knock out artist in boxing today!

    Hope you can give me some critical comments.

    Have a nice day! :)

  • Brian Oswald posted 3312 days ago

    Brian Oswald

    It looks like your website is starting to fill up with good content. I noticed you extended offers to some of the "young guns" I profiled in my article. That's cool of you. Hope you are finding the talent your looking for on here. If you ever have a question feel free to email me at


  • david ritchie posted 3313 days ago

    david ritchie

    id be happy to

  • Jared Russell posted 3314 days ago

    Jared Russell

    Hey I e-mailed you but i got no response back, is it still possible to write for ya or are you simply just not interested

  • Joseph Bonsignore posted 3315 days ago

    Joseph Bonsignore

    I'd possibly be interested. Throw some more info my way.

  • Jared Russell posted 3321 days ago

    Jared Russell

    Heard you were looking for mma writers please check my stuff out and if you like it let me know. I probably need to edit some.

  • Matt Scott posted 3322 days ago

    Matt Scott

    Sure, I'd be glad to.

  • Flyin' Hawaiian posted 3323 days ago

    Flyin' Hawaiian

    Yeah that would be cool. Let me know the details.

  • Space Cowboy posted 3324 days ago

    Space Cowboy

    Hey Jonathan. Are you looking for volunteers for your new site? I would be interested. Let me know what you think..

  • Brian Oswald posted 3324 days ago

    Brian Oswald

    Ha, time for bed. Should have read, let me SEE what my boss thinks!