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  • Denise Damanti posted 2360 days ago

    Denise Damanti

    Michael, As I mentioned in another post...I have followed this story since day one and while I do not know Vick personally (Thank God for that...he is not worthy of my spit, let alone a "hi" for you) only from following the story, his actions, etc do I feel that he is only sorry he got caught. I do not consider what he did a "mistake". A mistake is when you unknowingly do something wrong due to lack of knowledge. He knew that what he was doing was wrong, illegal, immoral. That is not a mistake! When a man is cheating on his wife, he knows that it is wrong which is why he is lying and sneaking around. That is not a mistake. (BTW...I'm not married and have never been cheated on by my husband so let's not even go there) A mistake is when you make a wrong turn when trying to find a place you've never been to; not torturing, drowning, and electrocuting dogs. Vick means absolutely nothing to me so I have no need to "forgive" or not "forgive" him. I actually happen to be a very forgiving person. The bottom line is that I will not FORGET. I know that there really are two sides to this issue...either you're a fan or you're not. I'm not going to change the views of those that are Vick fans and they are certainly not going to change mine. But we all have a right to our opinion. And while I'm out there helping dogs, and I am very passionate about animal abuse and neglect, it is impossible for me to support anything that has to to with Michael Vick...not now,not ever.

  • Michael Cahill posted 2360 days ago

    Michael Cahill

    Denise, you sure seem to know a lot about Vick. "He's only sorry he got caught?" Well, next time you talk to Vick let him know I said "hi." Denise, what he did was wrong, no argument there, but I believe in forgiveness. I'm sorry that you don't. It must be pretty lonely living in a world where you can't forgive someone. I sincerely hope that if you ever make a mistake, people are more forgiving than you appear to be. Thanks for reading anyway, and taking the time out to comment.