Christopher Knowlton


Im an avid sports fan from the Boston area and love all the local teams. I have been blessed to grow up in such success a city has had with all four major sports franchises winning in the past decade and 7 championships i haved jubilously lived to witness personally. I always look forward to the next victory parade whenever it is to come along.

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  • Peter Panacy posted 1349 days ago

    Peter Panacy

    Best overall seasons would be fun for the Red Sox. I'll think about something like that in the offseason perhaps when baseball news is light. Thanks for the support!

  • Chris Blanchard posted 1516 days ago

    Chris Blanchard

    It would take a some research to come up with a comprehensive list. Off the top of my head, here are few great trades that come to mind in no particular order.

    Andrew Raycroft to Toronto for Tuukka Rask

    Phil Kessel to Toronto for draft picks: (Dougie Hamilton, Tyler Seguin, Jared Knight)

    Matt Hendricks to Colorado for Johnny Boychuk

    Byron Bitz, Craig Weller, 2nd round pick (alex Petrovic) to Florida for Dennis Seidenberg, Matt Bartkowski

    Pit Martin, Jack Norris, Gilles Marotte to Chicago for Phil Esposito, Ken Hodge, Fred Stanfield

    Phil Esposito, Carol Vadnais to New York Rangers for Brad Park, Jean Ratelle, Joe Zanussi

    Barry Pederson to Vancouver for Cam Neely, First round pick (Glen Wesley)

    Here's a good list of deals made since 1972 from Stanley Cup O' Chowdah:

  • Andrew Martin posted 1700 days ago

    Andrew Martin

    My top Boston lineup off the top of my head... Fisk, Jimmie Foxx, Bobby Doerr, Nomar, Jimmy Collin, Ted Williams, Tris Speaker, Yaz (playing RF) with Pedro on the mound...

  • Mustafa Sulfab posted 2149 days ago

    Mustafa Sulfab

    Congratz man, it was a hell of a game. Your defense has stepped up, that rookie cornerback that prevented the lee evans td should get a raise lol.. as far as cundiff goes, its gonna be a while till he's forgiven here unfortunately, but they get paid the big bucks to move on.. Now brady better get that 4th ring!!

  • Mustafa Sulfab posted 2155 days ago

    Mustafa Sulfab

    hahaha yea man im the same way bro... ur a big pats fan imma big ravens fan...its all love tho man we both hate the steelers tho lol... i hope its a good game n if yall win, Go pats for brady's 4th ring..

  • Mustafa Sulfab posted 2156 days ago

    Mustafa Sulfab

    ur gonna cuss me out on the main thread but ask for my prediction? damn man, lol but i say 24-21 ravens.

  • Vincent Kakuk posted 2239 days ago

    Vincent  Kakuk

    dude, do you know anything about the Leafs? Kessel leads the league in scoring and in points, Boston is 3-5, Toronto is 5-2-1, Kessel is way better than Seguin, 11 goals last year for a 2nd overall?

  • King MacArthur posted 2256 days ago

    King MacArthur


  • King MacArthur posted 2268 days ago

    King MacArthur

    Go TROLL someone else bud. I'm sick of this premature conversation.

  • King MacArthur posted 2269 days ago

    King MacArthur

    Really? When did I say they won they trade?? or did you have to post to my profile because I haven't said anything of the such. Seems pretty troll like to me. Until Seguin has 3 consecutive 30 goal seasons you can shut your trap. How's that Kaberle trade working out for you. Oh that's right, it didn't.