Jay Holgate

Jay Holgate


Jay Holgate is a college recruiting advisor working at Goldin Athletic Training Association in Johns Creek Georgia.

His personal story of following his dreams began simply wanting to be on the sidelines of an SEC football game. In time Jay was led to the media press box, and put right in the middle of the recruiting war of a top 5 football player in the country.

Watching his own dreams build through the years drives him to push others to live a life of fulfillment and happiness.

Jay is married to Kim Freeman of Atlanta, Georgia. They have two children who love SEC football, Ashley Reagan and Jack.

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  • Eric Lewis posted 2624 days ago

    Eric Lewis

    Jay, thanks for the comment. To get a "nice writing" comment from you makes me think that maybe I can do this. I wasn't able to get a college education but I've always had a gift of gab, and with putting it down on paper. I really appreciate the message.

  • Kevin McGrady posted 2876 days ago

    Kevin McGrady

    Jay this is the latest word on Lattimore from the staff. Scroll down to STs second post.


    To me it is time for Auburn to pull out. It is getting ugly with the locals and this young man does not deserve what Mack went through. They still have him at 80 percent Auburn though.

  • Kevin McGrady posted 2877 days ago

    Kevin McGrady

    If you are really interested in the Auburn perspective on this you can find it here. Any information from Sports Talk/ ST is directly from the staff. The Mayor has more general information. Lattimore is leaning Auburn but the people of South Carolina have chosen to use emotional blackmail and threats to keep him at home. In my opinion it is selfish and they have no regard for his future. Marcus Lattimore has almost no chance of going to the NFL from South Carolina. It does not matter how good you are as a player if you are in a system that does not use you. If he wanted to stay in state the locals should be pushing him to Clemson. Enough of the preaching. Here is the link. It is for Auburn only so do not post or you will be banned. http://www.wareagleauburn.com/WEAForum/index.php?board=12.0
    Here is what Auburn fans are saying about him tonight.


    I hope this helps answer your question.