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Mr_Unknown Johnson


"It's a tough thing to explain the love you have for Pro wrestling. The energy, the music, the feeling, the commentary, the sillyness, the athleticism, the emotion, the respect, the characters, the hype, the pyro, the crowd, the promos, the storytelling and the interaction. It's a mixture of many things.It is all those factors that makes wrestling so special to me and why i will never stop watching it" - Strangepete & IDestroyallV2

Hello Everybody. I Am Mr Unknown Johnson....Yup. Wrestling Fan Of WWE (2001-2008 era) and TNA. i prefer the early years of both companies. I watch ROH from time to time but i live the UK and i don't get any coverage of ROH but i try to watch what i can.

(Chavo Guerreuo & Jazz To TNA!!)

Favorite TNA Wrestlers:
-AJ Styles
-Samoa Joe
-Monty Brown
-Christopher Daniels
-Kid Kash
-Kurt Angle (In TNA)
-Christian (In TNA)
-Jeff Jarrett
-Mr Anderson,
-Jeff Hardy (Heel)
-Jerry Lynn
-Max Buck
-Bully Ray
-Beer Money
-The Pope D'Angelo Dinero
-Chris Sabin
-Lance Hoyt
-Petey Williams
-'SuperMex' Hernandez (When he was face in 2009)
-Eric Young [Heel]
-Amazing Red
-Elix Skipper
-Chris Sabin
-CM Punk (While in TNA)

Favorite WWE Wrestlers Ever:
-Triple H
-Undertaker (Big Evil Biker)
-The Rock
-Stone Cold
-Brock Lensar
-Kurt Angle (when He Was In WWE)
-Randy Orton (Legend Killer/ Pre-Viper Era)
-Y2J (when he had hair lol)
-Shawn Micheals
-John Cena (Thugamonics Version!)
-Eddie Guerreuo
-Chris Benoit
-Jeff Hardy
-Matt Hardy
-Booker T
-Billy Kidman
-Reverend D-Von
-Kane (up until 2004..he was a beast till then)
-Shelton Benjamin
-Masked Kane
-Billy Kidman
-Nathan Jones
-Chavo Guerrero

Favorite ROH Wrestlers:
-Davey Richards
-Tyler Black
-Austin Aries
-Christopher Daniels
-Shelton Benjamin
-Charlie Haas
-Young Bucks
-The American Wolves

Current Wrestlers That I Like:
-Wade Barrett(WWE),
-Kofi Kingston (WWE),
-Drew McIntyre(WWE)
-The Miz (WWE)
-Davey Richards (ROH)
-Mr. Anderson (TNA)
- The Pope D'Angelo Dinero (TNA)
-CM Punk!!!

Favorite Women Wrestlers:
-Awesome Kong
-Gail Kim

Wrestlers I'm Starting to Like:
-Alberto Del Rio,
-R-Truth (Heel...He really needs a theme song!!!)
-The Miz!
-Evan Bourne

Wrestlers I Wish Got More Of A Chance:
-Nathan Jones
- The Pope D'Angelo Dinero
-Mohommad Hussein
-MVP & Kaval (Could of been WWE Tag Champions)
-MVP: could of been a world champion, or at least WWECW champion
-Ultimo Dragon
-Crimson & Amazing Red (as tag title champions!!)

Wrestlers Who Deserve A Push: The Pope(TNA) , Drew McIntyre & Wade Barrett!

Wrestlers Should Of Got A Push:
-Hardcore Holly (when he returned in 2004)..he was in great shape man.
-Test (R.I.P) - he was a great wrestler, he had it all...
-Christian (give him a longer World Heavyweight Title Reign)
- John Cena (Heel!)
-Wade Barrett (he has the perfect Heel package....he needs to become a future WWE or World Heavyweight Champion! Don't drop the ball WWE!)
-Drew McIntyre (Same as Wade Barrett!)

Favorite Tag Teams:
- The Power Trip (Stone Cold & Triple H)
- AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels
- America's Most Wanted
- Los Guerreuo
-Triple H & Chris Jericho (breifly tags a few times as heels)
- Edge & Rey Mysterio (Smackdown 2002)
- Team 3d/Dudley Boyz
- Motor City Machine Gunz
- Beer Money
- Lethal Consequences
- The Gathering
- Brothers Of Destruction
- Kane & RVD
- Mr. Anderson & Jeff Hardy (TNA)
- The Hardyz/Team Xtreme
- Edge & Christian
- Chris Benoit & Edge
- Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit
- D-Generation-X
- Too Cool
- Worlds Greatest Tag Team (Team Angle)
- Rated RKO
- Triple X
- The British Invasion
-The Rock & Sock Connection
- Paul London & Billy Kidman
-Generation Me/Young Bucks
-The American Wolves

Favorite Stables:
-World Elite
-Fortune (Face) (AJ Styles, Kazarian & Beer MOney version)
-Triple X
-The Gathering
-Main Event Mafia
- the (First) Nexus (I didn't really like them, but i did like how they took the WWE by storm, and i liked the first theme song and Wade Barrett!)

Top 3 Favorite Commentators Team:
1. Good Ol' JR Jim Ross & Jerry 'The King' Lawyer!!
2. Micheal Cole & Tazz
Joint 3rd. Mike Tenay & Don West, Micheal Cole & JBL,Mike Tenay & Taz (Mid 2009-2010, Taz seemed more excited, now she doesnt sound too excitied..)

...I'm starting to like Booker T's commentatary...when he says "ooOOH My Goodness!" i find it cool!

Honorable Mention: Jim Cornette in ROH

My Top 5 Favorite Announcers:
1.Tony Chimel (WWE SMackdown)
2.Lilian Garcia (WWE Raw)
3.Howard Finkel (WWF/WWE)
4.Dave Penzer (TNA)
5.Jeremy Borash (TNA)

Top 5 Favorite Referees:
1. Mike Chioda (WWE)
2. Nick Patrick (WWE)
3. Rudy Charles (TNA)
4. Earl Hebner (WWE & TNA)
5. Charles Robinson (WWE)

Favorite Managers:
- Paul Heyman (For Brock Lensar)
- James Mitchell (For Abyss)
-Raven (For Gathering)
- That Guy From Team Canada (forgot his name lol)
- Ric Flair (For HHH pre-Evolution, and Fortune)

Top 10 Favorite Championships
1. WWE Undisputed Championship ( when it became one single belt in 2002)
2. WWE Championship (2002-2005, before it became the spinner belt..yuck.)
3. World Heavyweight Championship (2002-Present)
4. X-Division Championship
5. TNA Legends Championship (I liked the idea of it when it first came out)
6. TNA World Heavyweight Championship (the 2007 one and the 2011 one, NOT the Immortal Championship)
7. TNA World Tag Team Championships (2007-Present..they look nice!)
8. WWE World Tag Team Championship (WWE Raw)
9. Joint 9th - WWE Interconterial Championship (back when it meant something) and the WWE United State Championship
10. Cruiserweight Championship

-----If I Could Choose the Current Champions:

World Heavyweight Champion: Christian, CM Punk Or Drew Mcintyre
WWE Championship: CM Punk, Wade Barrett Or The Miz
Interconterial Champion: Kofi Kingston Or Drew McIntyre
World Tag Team Champions: MVP & Kaval
WWE United States Champion: R-Truth
WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Kaval, Evan Bourne OR Rey Mysterio


TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Mr. Anderson (without Immortal)
TNA Legends Champion: The Pope D'Angelo Dinero, Or Gunner Or Christopher Daniels Or Matt Hardy
TNA Tag Team Champions: Generation Me, Ink Inc, Crimson & Amazing Red
TNA X-Divison Champion: Brian Kendrick or Max Buck Or RVD Or Austin Aries Or Senshi
TNA Knockouts Champion: Tara or ODB or Hamada
TNA Knockout Tag Champions: Sarita & Taylor Wilde, Or Awesome Kong & Hamada

Top 5 favorite WWE Wrestling PPV's ever:
1. Wrestlemania 19
2. Survivor Series 2002
Joint 3rd. Summerslam 2002/Wrestlemania 17/ Money In The Bank 2011
Joint 4th. Royal Rumble 2002/No Way Out 2003/Judgment Day 2002
Joint 5th: Armageddon 2002/King Of The Ring 2002/

TNA Top 5 PPvs
1. Lockdown 2011
2. Turning Point 2004
3. Destination X 2011
4. TBA
5. TBA

Top 10 Favorite Match Types:
1. Ultimate X
2. Hell In A Cell/
3. Elimination Chamber
4. 3 Stages Of Hell
5. Royal Rumble Match
6. Last Man Standing
7. Six Sides Of Steel
8. King Of The Mountain
9. Extreme Rules
Joint 10th. Non-Sanctioned Match & Hardcore Or A Good Ol' Tag Team Match :)

Worst Match Types:
- Cowbell Match
- Reverse Battle Royal

Favorite Matches?

Davey Richards Vs Tyler Black - Death Before Dishonour
HHH Vs HBK - Last Man Standing - Royal Rumble 2004
HHH Vs HBK - Hell IN A Cell - Bad Blood 2004
CM Punk Vs John Cena - Money In The Bank 2011
The Undertaker Vs Mankind - Hell In A Cell - King Of The Ring 1998
The Undertaker Vs Shawn Micheals - Wrestlemania 25
The Undertaker Vs Shawn Micheals II - Wrestlemania 26
Primo & Carlito Vs John Morrison & The MIz - Wrestlemania 25
HHH vs HBK vs Booker T vs Y2J vs Kane vs RVD - Elimination Chamber - Surviour Series 2002
Brock Lensar Vs Kurt Angle - Wrestliemania 19
Lensar Vs The Big Show - Survivor series 2002
Triple H Vs Stone Cold - 3 Stages Of Hell - No Way Out 2001
HHH Vs HBK - Non Sanctioned Match - Summerslam 2002
HHH Vs HBK - 3 Stages Of Hell - Armageddon 2002
HHH Vs Y2J - Hell In A Cell - Judgement Day 2002
Aj Styles Vs Samoa Joe Vs Christopher Daniels - Unbreakable 2005
Brock Lensar Vs The Undertaker - Hell In A Cell - No Mercy 2002
Randy Orton Vs Chris Benoit - Summerslam 2004
Mr. Anderson Vs Kurt Angle - Lockdown 2010
Undertaker vs HBK - Wrestlemania 25
The Rock Vs Goldberg - Backlash 2003
Eddie Guerreuo Vs Brock Lensar - No Way Out 2004
Eddie Guerreuo vs JBL - Judgement Day 2004
Bully ray Vs AJ Styles - Last Man Standing - Slammiversary 2011
Kurt Angle Vs Jeff jarrett - Slammiversary 2011
Randy Orton Vs Kurt Angle Vs Rey Mysterio - Wrestlemania 22
Edge Vs Mick Foley - Hardcore Match - Wrestlemania 22
Abyss Vs Sabu - barbed Wire Massacre
Triple X Vs AMW - Six Sides Of Steel - Turning Point 2004
Triple H Vs Undertaker - Insurrextion 2002
The Rock Vs Chris Jericho - Royal Rumble 2002
Royal Rumble 2001 Match
Royal Rumble 2002 Match
Royal Rumble 2003 Match
The Rock Vs The Undertaker Vs Kurt Angle - Vengenance 2002
Scott Hall vs Stone Cold - Wrestlemania 18
The Rock vs Hulk Hogan - Wrestlemania 18
The Rock Vs Hulk Hogan II - No Way Out 2003
Kurt Angle Vs Shawn Micheals - Wrestlemania 21
Booker T Vs HHH - Wrestlemania 19
Y2J vs HBK - Wrestlemania 19
Kurt Angle Vs Matt Morgan - Bound For Glory 2009
Nashville 2003: Ulimate X match 1
Kurt Angle Vs Desmond Wolfe - Three Degrees Of Pain - Final Resolution 2009
Test Vs Brock Lensar - King Of The Ring 2002
Kurt Angle Vs Brock Lensar Vs Big Show - Vengenance 2003
MCMG Vs British Invasion - Final Resolution 2009
LAX Vs Styles/Daniels - Ulitmate X
Team smackdown Vs Team Raw - Survivor Series 2005
Billy Kidman Vs. Paul London - No Mercy 2004
Kurt Angle Vs Big Show - Armageddon 2002
Batista Vs Triple H - Hell In A Cell - Vengenance 2005
Kurt Angle Vs Ric Flair - RAW 6/27/2005
The McMahons & Big Show Vs DX - Unforgiven 2006 Hell In A Cell
Kurt Angle Vs Shane McMahon - Street Fight - King Of the Ring 2001
The Rock v Brock Lensar - WWE Summerslam 2002
RAW Money In the Bank Match - Money In The Bank 2011
Christian Vs Alberto Del Rio - Ladder Match - Extreme Rules 2011

My Views on the TNA Television Championship:
This belt should be used as a secondary talent to push the contenders nearer to the World Championship. This process as been done mainly times in WWE with their IC & US titles as it shows the people that they have what it takes to be a champion. Edge, Triple H, Randy Orton, The Rock and others where IC champions before being a WWF Champ (in HHH & The Rock's case) or the World Heavyweight and/or WWE champions. John Cena was a US champ before being a WWE one. It gives them a chance to prove that they are championship-worthy.

The "TV" title should have contenders like The Pope, Hernandez, Matt Morgan, Robbie E, Bully Ray, Mr Anderson, Gunner, maybe even Crimson (Not in a rude way, i mean to give him a secondary title instead of just hot-shotting the World title to him), Samoa Joe, Kaz, Christopher Daniels, AJ, Abyss, Austin Aries (when he moves up from the X-Divison). That line-up alone would be so great to see on TV or PPV. it would bring some prestige to the title alone having like a Fatal 4-Way between anyone i just mentioned for the TV Championship.

After that it would have a similar meaning like it did when people like Booker T, AJ Styles and Kevin Nash was competing for it. Plus it gives the rest of the talent who aren't in the World Title people something to do and something to compete for. I think it would be great.

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    I like your idea of Beer Money’s split and main event exposure and the “rub” by Kurt. It’d all work perfectly too.
    I love the ideas of Hogan being gone, Sting as GM, Beer Money in main event & more TNA originals in the main event!

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