In regards to life's inevitable aggravations and the avoidance thereof, my Dad used to say, "It's like hitting yourself in the head with a hammer, cuz it feels so good when you stop." He'd actually have said "hammah" and might have said it while we were driving through "Hahvid Squa-ya" because we're both by birth (Improper) Bostonians.

The very last Celtic game I attended as a citizen of the City of Boston (I moved to Houston that summer) was, curiously, a disappointing loss -- the famous "Beat LA" game against Dr. J's Sixers in 1982. I won't claim to have begun the chant, but it did seem to be the thing a good fan ought to be doing, like cheering for guys like Dave DeBusschere and Wes Unseld when they were making their final Garden appearance.

After a quarter century of proficiency (maybe even modest success) at holding court in an English classroom, the powers-that-be decided that the day of the "Sage on Stage" had passed. I was, at the time and to reference a Brian Setzer tune, "too young to quit, too old to change; baby, what am I gonna do?"

Well, last year I was able to trade in that hammer of aggravation (sadly, that's what a true calling had devolved into -- pray for our school's, y'all) for a pension, so now I seek a new stage (and perhaps a wider range of subject matter) for my sagacity. I'm genuinely excited!

I'm also genuinely scared by this, mostly due to this contraption I'm currently using -- computer, I believe. I have about as much computer skill as Blackjack, the gorgeous Siberian Husky mutt we rescued from abandonment about a year ago. Yes, a sled dog in South Texas! His geography skills and my tech-knowledge are in the same league, hence my trepidation. We'll see how it works -- I guess y'all better pray for me, too.
Here we go!!

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  • Mark Vandeusen posted 1561 days ago

    Mark Vandeusen

    Haven't heard from you in a while, hope I haven't lost you as a reader! If so please let me know why, I can always use good advice! You always provide the best comments on LucidSportsFan.com, and I just wanted to let you know it's very much appreciated!

  • Mark Vandeusen posted 1816 days ago

    Mark Vandeusen

    Abacus, when you leave comments on lucidsportsfan.com and I respond to them, do you see my responses? It just occurred to me that I'm not sure if you get a notification or not since I'm just responding in my own comment section. I hope you do, but if not, let me know, and I'll start replying some other way to make sure you get it!

  • Darrell Horwitz posted 2050 days ago

    Darrell  Horwitz

    Hey Abacus,

    I have to solicit you on this because they didn't put it up on the site. Check out the article on the Bulls I wrote about the mindset of the team moving forward. i think you will find it interesting.


  • Darrell Horwitz posted 2052 days ago

    Darrell  Horwitz

    Hey Abacus,
    I wrote an article about what Rose's future might be. Check it out and let me know what you think when you have a chance. Thanks.


  • Mark Vandeusen posted 2075 days ago

    Mark Vandeusen

    Thanks for the comment on my site! Was at the Garden tonight, what a game! C's are starting to look like a serious threat...

  • casey plunkett posted 2076 days ago

    casey plunkett

    hey abacus I don't know if you remember but during the summer i felt boston should target a trade for rudy gay. i felt rudy gay would have been a solid future replacement for paul pierce. I thought it was interesting that gay is from baltimore maryland same as reggie lewis and that acquiring gay would have celtics mystique written all over it and perhaps it could put the Len Bias curse to rest. I find it eerie that jeff green had to have heart surgery. I am extremely glad it hadn't played out worse but jeez what luck the celtics have.

    I spoke about how i felt pierce could come off of the bench but also that gay and pierce could co exist on the floor. gay would have been able to play the 2 and considering the recent success of simply bradley cutting the back door i think the explosive gay would have made a huge impact if ray allen would have been involved in such a trade.

  • casey plunkett posted 2077 days ago

    casey plunkett

    First I'd like to comment on green. boston fans truly underestimate the guy. he was solid college player, in the league he did everything his team asked of him and he's extremely athletic. Danny ainge saw something in him when he drafted him and his opinion of him never wavered as the perkins trade is evidence of this. most importantly it shows how much ainge understands about the league and free-agency. Ainge simply won't allow a commodity walk away. He already seen it happen with posey and tony allen. ainge traded perkins after he declined an extension and in the following free agency worked a sign and trade with big baby for bass. bass was supposed to be a depth player and a very solid one at that.

    As far as solving the largest void which was the 5 danny ainge was just a hair of finishing a sign and trade of jermaine oneal for david west. ainge wasn't simply content with a depth player and a young player that was full of promise, he wanted a former all star in the starting line up. starting david west would have enabled kg to start at the 5 giving doc and rondo for that matter a mobile and well executing team. aing e and doc knew kg would be more than able to play the 5 dominantly in the east. joel anthony is a nobody and noah is about as skinny a center as they come.(now the west is another story as you can see by the losses I listed in my last response)

    Ainge had done as good a job as he possibly could while keeping the big 3 intact. (IMO he could have done a much better job by trading ray allen but that's another subject)
    Danny ainge is the best gm in basketball. i marvel at what the thunders gm sam presti has done through the draft creating one of the most dominant and athletic teams in recent memory but he's unproven when it comes to free agency. he recently extended westbrook to a full contract which in their eyes is a success but harden and ibaka will become free-agents. I don't think keeping their core intact it will be as easy as the anticipate.

    as i've said ainge understands free agency but he also drafts well. I know the games against the spurs and bulls wee painful to watch but bradley alone is a positive sign for the future. To my knowledge the heat and bulls do not have such a young promising player on an affordable contract. Cole can score but plenty of people can score in this league. bradley contains a wealth of knowledge and has a defensive ability that is causeing even people outside of the organization to say its one of the best in the league. chi has rose but besides that they are a team with vets and tons of them. most importantly they have an amazing coach who's ability to take advantage of that depth has to be greatly attributed to the celtics system of play.

    boston has the coach, the available cap space, a gm who can draft well and the best defensive and play making pg, all of which will equate to a team that's better than the bulls. i do however think the process will take longer than celtics fans project, but it will happen none the less. I have not believed anything of the sort untill i witnessed the recent success of bradley and stiemsma in which i give all the credit in the world to danny, doc and rajon. AS i do believe the celtics future is promising but that it will just take some patience I hope the org will start kissing rondo's ass and attempt to appease his wishes or the will regret not trading him. Rondo has witnessed enough players force trades for him not to acknowledge he has the power to do the same.

  • casey plunkett posted 2078 days ago

    casey plunkett

    I watched an embarrassing loss to san antonio when SA was coming off of a back to back and in bostons territory none the less.

    boston couldn't rebound. they couldn't get production from their bench. how can the celtics succeed in the playoffs with absolutely no sign that these incompetencies will improve?
    In the playoffs there are 2 things a team must produce to succeed and those 2 things happen to be what the celtics lack.

    Danny ainge brought bass in a trade that proved itself to be a robbery over the orlando magic. He was a hair away from signing david west. he found a diamond in the rough in stiemsma.

    Danny ainge actually did a stellar job this off season. as the deadline passed and as nothing has come of it, i honestly and realistically can't see how boston is a team capable of succeeding come post season.

    2 losses to the Mavs. 2 losses to the lakers. 2 losses to the Thunder. The only game against the Spurs comes as a loss. there have been too many times the celtics have failed to prove they are still contenders.

    after the allstar game boston beat the knicks then won a game against the hawks. Howver a loss to the sixers soon followed. this string of success came by the wins over teams that will fail to make the playoff but boston had shown improvement none the less. the fans were excited about the heat game because their newly improved team will finally face a true contender. Boston won, it was pandemonium, but it didn't last. Boston then looses the spurs is a game were they fought hard to get back in the game. they showed fight and pride but wasn't that exactly what boston showed against n.y and mia in the first 2 games which they lost?

    i guess there is a fine line between hope brought by actions that make hope justifiable and blissful ignorance. colonel custer lead his men into battle against an overwhelming force yet still custer was fully confident that he would be victorious. At times hope and pride simply aren't enough.

    the next 5 opponents are as follow: chi, ind, phi, mia, atl.
    If boston has something to prove the next four games will expose the truth whether the team and fans like it or not.

    now is not the time to be inconsistent and come playoffs there is no room for excuses. The Celtics' Big 3 will ahve to make their last stand. Do they even have a chance of vistory or will the outcome be reminisent of "The Battle of Little Big Horn"?

  • Luis Batlle posted 2082 days ago

    Luis Batlle


    No I haven't read that author actually but I definitely will now. I'll let you know what I think but I'm definitely checking that out.

  • Jesse Reed posted 2099 days ago

    Jesse Reed

    Thank you for pointing out my error on the Baylor post, Abacus. I appreciate it. Have a fantastic day and thank you for reading my work.