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  • Mary Jo Buchanan posted 3164 days ago

    Mary Jo Buchanan

    Hi there. Please read this important update on a loss in the B/R Family.

  • Kelly Crandall posted 3244 days ago

    Kelly Crandall

  • Jen Preston posted 3305 days ago

    Jen Preston

    Happy New Year!!!!

  • Kelly Crandall posted 3348 days ago

    Kelly Crandall

    Hi There!
    Alright, so we here at the NASCAR page are getting our own roundtable that might make it to foxsports. I'm going to be the writer, but I need you and everyone else to help give your opinons.
    So, talk about the new car and after it's first year has it done its job, can it be changed. Talk about NASCAR wanting to go back to it's roots, if they accomplished that. Also about wanting drivers to show more personalities...And anything else that you can think of that needs to be talked about.
    Please try and do it from an objective viewpoint and not a fans...
    Post your responses in my bulletin board BY TODAY. I need to get the article up by tonight!!!!!!!!
    And please, please help by spreading this around.


  • Mary Jo Buchanan posted 3357 days ago

    Mary Jo Buchanan

    Hey there - hope you're well. Check out Mark's most recent and weigh in with your votes!
    Take care.
    Mary Jo

  • Mark Eckhart Jr. posted 3357 days ago

    Mark Eckhart Jr.

    hey, i responded to your comment about the Nationwide thing, but i screwed it up lol. I just wanted to make sure you knew i responded so you didnt think i was ignoring the comment.

  • Kara Martin posted 3361 days ago

    Kara Martin

    New one about how I found NASCAR! I hope you enjoy it!

  • Kelly Crandall posted 3362 days ago

    Kelly Crandall

    Hi again-
    Hope you're well.
    I just posted another story, I would love to hear your opinon.
    Please check it out

  • Kelly Crandall posted 3364 days ago

    Kelly Crandall

    I just posted another story-
    Please do check it out!

  • Jen Preston posted 3372 days ago

    Jen Preston

    Awesome, a fellow PATD fan!!!! I took my mom to see them in KC when they were at the Uptown, and she loved them too!