Jason H

Jason H


On a side note: Vince Young has declared the Philadelphia Eagles a "Dream Team." Well, six weeks later, the Eagles are in a state of limbo. Good call, Vince.

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  • Nick F posted 2220 days ago

    Nick F

    i was just wondering if the editors can pick their articles, or if it is random.

  • Anthony Kang posted 2231 days ago

    Anthony Kang

    Hahaa, that's hilarious. And not a problem my friend!

  • Emily Van Buskirk posted 2247 days ago

    Emily Van Buskirk

    ugh the dreaded LaMicheal James. I am a Stanford fan...and as such a Andrew Luck supporter, although neither is a front runner right now in the Heisman poll, being eschewed for the likes of Robert Griffen the 3rd, who is putting up impressive numbers, but if we lose out on the Heisman again, 3 years in a row, i may lose it myself lol

  • Emily Van Buskirk posted 2250 days ago

    Emily Van Buskirk

    You are very welcome...it was super interesting to read as still cannot believe they have their own network...im glad Scott was smart enough to reject the additions and delay the inevitable further expansion of the Pac-12 for a while longer!

  • Roberto Payne posted 2255 days ago

    Roberto  Payne

    Thanks for the edit Jason

  • Alex Shoemaker posted 2260 days ago

    Alex Shoemaker

    Thanks for the edits, Jason. GO DUCKS!!

  • Dan Vasta posted 2289 days ago

    Dan Vasta

    Thanks! I am use to writing 5-foot-11 because that is what is required for my newspaper articles. In time I should remember it just 5'11 for B/R.

  • Dan Vasta posted 2290 days ago

    Dan Vasta

    Thanks Jason.Also, is it random on who edits my articles, or do you not know how that works? Thanks