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Matt H


I enjoy mountain biking, fishing, weight lifting, statistics, geocaching, and beer. BS from Florida State University in 2007, Masters of Science from Florida State University in 2008.

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  • JOE FAN posted 2912 days ago

    JOE  FAN

    Matt, i just read your BLURB on MMA Fighter Shannon The Cannon Ritch....I would suggest you go find the latest Issue of GLADIATOR MAGAZINE and read it.
    You forget to mention that SHANNON is also ranked in the top 5 in the WORLD in several Things.
    1. Most 1st round wins
    2. Most wins by Armbar Submission
    3. Most wins by heel hook / leglocks
    4. Fought in most organizations
    5. Most international Fights.
    You protray him as a GLASS JAW looser, look the guy has 95 wins 72 loss and only 2 draws. His site is you should interview him, and get his side before you trash his good name. Just my .02


  • Justin Crawford posted 3014 days ago

    Justin Crawford

    Take a look at my new article, and comment on it if you like. Thanks.

  • Brian Oswald posted 3049 days ago

    Brian Oswald

    Hey Matt,

    Glad too see you back recently with two new MMA articles. You always bring a unique perspective to the table. Keep up the good work and let me know if there is anything you ever need.

  • Farooq Ahmed posted 3053 days ago

    Farooq Ahmed

    It's Been a while since I last wrote an article .

    UFC 100 is over, But were Brock Lesnar's actions positive or negative for the UFC?

    Here are my thoughts.

    Thanks, Farooq.

  • Paul Swaney posted 3136 days ago

    Paul Swaney

    My latest article is a bit personal- seeing Wrigley Field through new eyes. Check it out when you have a chance. Thanks

  • Brian Oswald posted 3210 days ago

    Brian Oswald

    Its that time again. Time for the 3rd edition of B/R MMA rankings. We will be ranking our Top 5 fighters in each division (lightweight-heavyweight) and doing a Top 10 P4P rankings.

    A few notes: For P4P feel free to include fighters from featherweight or bantamweight. A fighter who hasn't fought in over a year he is ineligible. As far as Rich Franklin and Dan Henderson, Franklin will only receive votes at light heavyweight and Dan Henderson will only receive votes at middleweight. If you have any questions about this feel free to ask. Keep in mind that Diego Sanchez is fighting at 155 at UFC 95. I would lean toward voting for him at lightweight (if he is in your top 5) but technically he is still a welterweight so use your best discretion. please email your submissions to and in your subject line put: your name and B/R MMA rankings. Thanks for taking the time to vote!

  • Bryan Trafford posted 3227 days ago

    Bryan Trafford

  • Brian Oswald posted 3231 days ago

    Brian Oswald

    If you can stomach reading one more article on Henderson-Franklin me and Todd Jackson put together are War Report joint article. Enjoy the fights this weekend! By the way, love recent stuff. Keep it going man!

  • Mike Leanza posted 3244 days ago

    Mike Leanza

    Yes, I got it. Thanks alot.