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Benjamin laufer


I have long studied advanced metrics in Baseball and enjoy looking up cool stats and go to daily. I also love to talk about sports with about anyone . I also enjoy reading books and cooking.

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  • Mike Grofsick posted 2129 days ago

    Mike Grofsick

    Yes, Wieters definitely has that kind of potential. The power is there and the defense came a long way last year. If he can become a better contact hitter, there's a chance he can grab that top stop. Feel free to post any comments in the comment sections of future threads also.

  • Doug Rush posted 2144 days ago

    Doug Rush

    Derek Jeter's range may not be very good, sure. He's also 37 years old now. Range tends to decline in a player when they get older.

    As far as hitting, Derek Jeter is a LEADOFF hitter. He's not paid to hit for power and home runs. He's paid to get hits and get on base.

    And when has Jeter ever hit .230 in his career? Never. Even this year when everyone had him written off as washed up, he nearly hit .300 for the season and tore it up in the second once he got his 3,000th hit out of the way.

    Jeter proved that even at 37, he is still a very productive hitter for the Yankees.

    Good enough response for you?

  • Christopher Benvie posted 2147 days ago

    Christopher Benvie

    I wouldn't classify Boston as "much worse" than Tampa Bay. In 2011 the Rays only won one more game than the Red Sox.

    That one win coming because the team could not get going early in the season (11-15 in April while the Rays went 15-12) and once again, as we all are aware, in September (BOS 7-20, TB 17-10.)

    Having said that, the Rays were never as hot as the Red Sox were in May, June, July and August. No other team was. Boston went 72-37 in that time posting a .663 winning percentage. Over the same four months the Rays went 59-49 with a .560 winning percentage.

    At the end of the day the Rays made the playoffs and the Red Sox went home. However, to say that the Red Sox are much worse is a gross understatement.

    Moving forward, the Red Sox have a better offense, no question. The Rays have the better starting pitchers, again, no question. The bullpens for both teams are suspect at this point, while I will give the Rays the edge because the team is already in place, while the Red Sox bullpen is still being put together.

    Thanks for the read and feedback.

  • Corey Hanley posted 2280 days ago

    Corey Hanley

    Thanks for all of the kind words. I don't know if this satisfies your request for an article, but i wrote something similar a couple of weeks ago. You can check it out here: