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Michigan! The best state to be in!

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  • James Tolj posted 2013 days ago

    James Tolj

    Tim, I'm glad you liked my Denard Robinson article. Thanks for the read.

  • Greg Eno posted 2043 days ago

    Greg Eno

    Thanks for favoriting my Utley column!

  • Eli Nachmany posted 2054 days ago

    Eli Nachmany

    I appreciate that you liked my article about Suh. Hope to keep you on as a reader!

  • James Van Etten posted 2056 days ago

    James Van Etten

    Thanks for the like TIm! Looking forward to your commentary on my latest article!

  • Isaac Smith posted 2057 days ago

    Isaac Smith

    Yeah, the Bruise Brothers helped start it. Remember Detroit fans back when Yzerman was drafted.... bemoaning the fact that he was drafted. "Why did we have to draft Stevie Whyzerman" lol..

  • Tim Anderson posted 2057 days ago

    Tim  Anderson

    Commited to memory Isaac. Or better yet...On my bulletin board and not going anywhere.

  • Isaac Smith posted 2058 days ago

    Isaac Smith

    Yeah, I remember, I actually included them in my slide show, the link is here: http://bleacherreport.com/articles/919525-detroit-red-wings-history-best-roster-moves-in-the-ilitch-era-part-1-drafting

  • Isaac Smith posted 2058 days ago

    Isaac Smith

    no worries Tim, Michigan always seems to strugle on the road. We saw it at MSU and I knew it was just a matter of time before it happened again, thanks for commenting though!

  • James Van Etten posted 2060 days ago

    James Van Etten

    Thanks for the like on the article Tim!

  • Joel Greer posted 2151 days ago

    Joel Greer

    Hey Tim, send me a message, we can start a conversation...(is that the real Hell, MI?