Keegan McNally attends the University of Alabama and is currently majoring in Biology (Pre-Med) with a minor in German. He became a Featured Columnist in October 2011 and is on the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs Coverage Team.

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  • Sarah Getkin posted 2200 days ago

    Sarah Getkin

    No problem, Keegan. Sorry about that.

  • Mike j posted 2240 days ago

    Mike j

    I dont want to post this in the comments section of your articles becuase it will just get lost in the flood of insanity. There is a major point that should be obvious but no one I have read is mentioning.
    Neither OSU or Bama would have a right to be upset for a snub from the NC game. It could have gone either way and that is because neither team did what they needed to do.
    In fighting sports there is the idea that if you want to be sure of a win you better not let the fight go to a decision. Similarly if a questionable call by a ref costs you the game... you shouldn't have let the margin of victory be so close. Those losses are not the fault of the judges or the refs or voters in this case, they are the fault of the team. OSU has only themselves to blame for making BCS voters split hairs between them and Bama. All they needed to do was not to lose to a 17 point under dog with a losing conference record. Coach Gundy keeps saying they did everything they could, but they didnt even do everything they SHOULD have done.
    The same goes for Bama. If you want to win a NC you had better beat LSU in regular season or you lose control of your destiny (like what happened this year). By the way, OSU should thank Bama for dropping that game because if LSU had lost by 3 in OT no team outside of an undefeated Oklahoma would have had a chance to pass LSU and the rematch would have been certain from the very start.
    Bama gave OSU, Oklahoma, and Stanford their shots by losing, and each of those teams failed to earn an uncontested spot in the NC game. Thus the fight was allowed to go down to the decision, and no one has anyone but themselves to blame for the outcome. Next time, just win out and you wont have this problem.
    If you find this has merrit, feel free to claim it and post it becuase this concept should be given more exposure in this rabbid anti-BCS atmosphere.

  • Miles owns Saban posted 2247 days ago

    Miles owns Saban

    you better stick to hockey....Idiot....you know jack shit about football...

  • Jason Lewis posted 2291 days ago

    Jason  Lewis

    Hey thanks a lot Keegan I appreciate the praise!

  • Delores Smith-Johnson posted 2299 days ago

    Delores Smith-Johnson

    You're welcome, Keegan!

  • Matt Melbye posted 2303 days ago

    Matt Melbye

    If you are interested in a fantasy hockey league I need a few more owners in an established yahoo league. It's the 7th year for my H2H points based league. Live draft is tomorrow night at 7:30. All of the owners are active all season. League ID is 34284 password is 1. I look forward to seeing you.

  • Marco Patitucci posted 2334 days ago

    Marco Patitucci

    You're welcome Keegan.

  • Russ Stanton posted 2362 days ago

    Russ Stanton

    Thanks for the like Keegan. Hockey fan I see. When I was a cub reporter in B'ham, I had the pleasure of covering the short-lived Birmingham Bulls, so I got to know Mark Napier, Kenny Linseman and few others quite well. For an Alabama boy hockey was alien stuff, but Mark and the guys gave me old skates, sticks, pucks, etc., and taught me the game. I could actually skate backwards in a few short weeks. Taught me a great appreciation for the game and made me a better person when I moved to Philadelphia. THanks again,