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I'm a 22 year old Emory graduate and Florida boy. I spent my first 18 years growing up in Jacksonville Florida, and am a huge fan of the Jacksonville Jaguars. My time in Atlanta has made me a Braves fan as well, though not with the same amount of passion I have for the NFL. Truthfully, I've only relatively recently begun writing for various sports blogs before settling on Bleacher Report. I'm nerdy in every way possible: music, books, TV, sports... life. My goal on Bleacher Report is to be able to take my love of sports and communicate it in the simplest possible way. That way, hopefully everyone can enjoy the material I'm writing on as much as I do.

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  • Joe Schmo posted 1793 days ago

    Joe Schmo

    I am a huge FAU supporter but not to have Howard Schnellenberger on this list of 50 worst NFL coaches is crazy. He only went 4-13 in 2 seasons with the Colts and never was a head coach in the NFL again!!! Come on Brian, I thought you were better than that....Herm Edwards worse than Schnelly??? Think you may need to recalculate.

  • steve evans posted 1814 days ago

    steve evans

    On your 50 worst coaches of all time,you have a picture of all the coaches.However,when you list David Shula,you have a picture of his dad (Don) and Dave Wanstadt,the former Bears coach.Couldnt you find a picture of David Shula or are you confusing him with his dad and Wanstadt?

  • LTT MDM posted 1834 days ago


    I'm surprised that Les Steckel didn't make the list of the NFL's 50 worst coaches!

    As head coach of the Minnesota Vikings in 1984, he had an ignominious start during training camp, when he thought it would be a good idea to force the team to endure Marine-style conditioning workouts in 98F heat, in full gear -- causing some players to collapse from dehydration and heat exhaustion.

    His single-minded focus on discipline and stamina didn't take. He subsequently led the team to a 3-13 season (a dismal franchise record that stood unmatched for 27 years), losing 11 of his last 12 games, including the final six games in a row. When asked at the end of the season to resign by GM Mike Lynn, Steckel refused -- so he was fired on the spot.

    To many Vikings fans, Steckel remains the standard for measuring incompetence in Vikings coaches.

  • Mark Shapiro posted 1883 days ago

    Mark Shapiro

    That was just irresponsible journalism in regard to your 50 Worst Coaches. Just dumb. Stupidass dumb and mean spirited with no understanding of the facts behind all but three of those situations. So 3 out of 47 you have a solid argument. How's that grade out? Do your homework or do something else but why I am reading nonsense from someone who's never studied the game or played a down and just shooting illiterate nonsense out your bottom. You score far lower on the literary scale than the coaches you you crucify with your idiocy.

  • Mark Shapiro posted 1883 days ago

    Mark Shapiro

    Brian that's gotta be the dumbest list I've ever read. You need to research your articles as you really don't understand football at all.

  • Don Cohen posted 2216 days ago

    Don Cohen

    Hi Brian. Just red your column about NFL hall of famers who are unworthy of the honor. You're spot on regarding Stenerud and Swan - kickers (just like baseball closers) don't belong in the HOF. And Swan's numbers were ordinary. You're dead wrong about Griese, Tittle, Mackey and Sayers, especially Sayers. Griese was consistently among the Top 2-3 best QBs in the league. Early in his career he brought the Dolphins to respectability. His passing (for the 1970s was accurate), he had great scrambling ability and called his own plays. He was a true field general. In many ways, Griese was a better all-around quarterback than Dan Marino and far better in the clutch (his bomb to Warfield against the Steelers in the 1972 playoffs, when he came off the bench to replace Earl Morrall is case in point). If you want to talk about a Griese contemporary who doesn't belong in the Hall of Fame, it's Joe Namath. As for Sayers - he was simply the most feared runner in the league for several years. Much like Sandy Koufax, regarded by most as the best left handed pitcher in baseball history, Sayers' career was brief but brilliant. Mackey was the prototypical dominant tight end. Tittle wasn't far behind John Unitas, certainly among the Top 5 QBs of all time. You have to put it in perspective and assess someone's greatness based on the generation in which he played. For example, the 1972-73 Dolphins went 32-2; for a 2-year period they were the best ever - an even more dominant team in that period than the Steel Curtain Pittsburgh club (in fact, they played on a par with Pittsburgh right up until Csonka, Kiick and Warfield left for the WFL). 85% of the players on those great Dolphins teams couldn't play in today's NFL because of inferior size and speed. Even Larry Csonka, the greatest pure FB in NFL history couldn't cut the muster now. However, Griese would stack up nicely with Drew Brees in today's league (with the flag football rules that DBs must play under). Paul Warfield would be a dominant receiver. And Mercury Morris would gain 1500 yards per year in the 2000s. Moving beyond the Fins, Sayers would certainly have a huge impact. He's was as fast, elusive and tough (prior to knee surgery) as any back in the NFL today. Likewise, Tittle (who was far superior to Namath) would do well. You can't rate athletic greatness by looking at statistics.

  • Randy W posted 2259 days ago

    Randy W

    I have a question for you? Why did you include Arian Foster in your "NFL's Biggest Busts" article?

  • Dan O'Brien posted 2262 days ago

    Dan O'Brien

    i noticed that in the packers slide it says Raji and Matthews will cause opposing defenses problems but it should be offenses. Letting you know so you can edit it

  • Tom Horan posted 2262 days ago

    Tom Horan

    dude I disagree with your assessment of Eli rag on the guy in your week 5 power rankings, and don't say a thing about Romo Vick or Grossman being actually said Grossman's been good. Look at his numbers. Eli Manning is a top 10 qb arguably a top 5....quit hating. He is the most consistent QB in the NFC east and you mention his recievers bailing him out? Like they did last season with all those tipped interceptions? And the steelers winning 10 games? What kind of dream world are you in. They will be lucky to win 7 games. Phillip rivers hasn't been lights out either this season....he's been mediocre at best against some pretty crappy teams if you ask me...chargers ranked # 6? Gtfo of here

  • Matthew Edgar posted 2300 days ago

    Matthew Edgar

    GOOO JAGS!!!