Charlie Palmer

Charlie Palmer


I am an 18-year-old student studying Russian and Latin, but that doesn't stop me following football/soccer (Portsmouth and England), rugby (Northampton Saints and England) and cricket (Royal Challengers Bangalore and England) as well as taking an interest in tennis, Formula 1 and golf.

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  • Ed Wyman posted 2317 days ago

    Ed Wyman

    Palmer! Welcome. I signed up about 18 months ago and it wasn't too hard to get accepted, but the site has got quite a lot bigger so it might be a bit harder now.
    Write something that you have an opinion on that is pretty original. Make sure you quote any sources you use etc.
    I don't know if you have an opinion on this, but something along the lines of "The case for reducing the English Premier League to 18 clubs: Why reducing the number of clubs could raise/lower the standard of football" is the type of thing they are interested in.
    I'm an FC, so I get giving some pretty mundane titles to do, but see if you can find some interesting ones to read, so you get a feel of what their looking for.
    I can't be bothered to read the whole of it as I'm hungry, but this is the type of title that creates debate etc(which they like):
    Oh and check the grammar etc, it sound stupid but its fairly easy to mess up when your typing and they're not going to accept you if the English is bad.
    The "soccer" section is expanding a lot and doing well, so they'll probably be looking for writers, which is good.