Brandon Seitz

Brandon Seitz


Hey what's up! I'm Brandon, I'll be the guy in the middle there between my buddy Brian on the left and my boy Daryll Clark on the right.

I am a Penn State graduate with a major in sports journalism.

While Penn State football is obviously the focus of most of my articles, the Baltimore Orioles and Ravens will occasionally get some of my attention as well, with me being a Maryland native.

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  • adam smith posted 2893 days ago

    adam smith

    Stick to writing about terrible PSU sports. Thanks.

  • Derek Reed posted 2936 days ago

    Derek Reed

    Hi Brandon,

    I'm going around to fellow Big Ten fans to gage who they would most like to see as the conferences 12th member in the expansion. I'm excited about the news and can see its something you're interested in too. tell me you're thoughts.

  • Andrew Burns posted 2956 days ago

    Andrew Burns

    Brandon, I liked your piece on the expansion of big-10. I was wondering however if you think an impediment to it being Rutgers would be a "defensive" recruiting move by the current 11 teams? By that I mean, NJ is fertile ground for great H.S. talent to the current big-10. So if Rutgers were added, more would stay at RU making it harder for the 11 teams to mine the talent. I suppose it depends on who makes the decision. If it's the academic directors in the 11 schools, then maybe it's an issue, if it's individuals looking more at the overall viability/prosperity of the big-10, then maybe not an issue? thoughts?

    Cheers, Andrew

  • The Sportmeisters posted 3266 days ago

    The Sportmeisters


    Appreciate the input to the articles.


  • Joe Hasten posted 3266 days ago

    Joe Hasten

    Thank you or your input
    Honestly, I think that it would be better if you posted that as a comment and not as an edit. You are welcome to edit my articles, but please comment in the comment box.
    Joe Hasten

  • John Louie Ramos posted 3266 days ago

    John Louie Ramos



    hope everything's fine..
    I just finished my last article, I hope you'll like it.. simple stories of not-so simple individuals..

  • statboy yankopherson posted 3269 days ago

    statboy yankopherson


  • Steve Auger posted 3269 days ago

    Steve Auger

    Thanks for the edits, Brandon. I think Davidson could very well spank CofC but big spreads scare me.

  • Mike Almighty posted 3276 days ago

    Mike Almighty

    Thanks for the edits! Joey is hated, but I took it easy on him after his season last year with the Dolphins. He is definitely one of the biggest mouths in sports. Maybe that's my next Top 10 list.