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I graduated from the University of Georgia in 2001 with a degree in comparative literature, am a second-generation Bulldog and have been a Dawg fan my entire life.
I am also a life-long Braves fan but I currently reside in Tampa and have adopted the Rays as my baseball team. It's hard for me to follow a baseball team I can't see play live.

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  • Cara Jost posted 1930 days ago

    Cara Jost

    Thanks David! I'm definitely enjoying all the football, wouldn't miss it for the world :)

  • Vegas FalconDawg posted 1940 days ago

    Vegas FalconDawg

    Thanks David. Like your stuff and glad you read the comments and reply. Makes you real. GO DAWGS!

  • David Mitchell posted 1971 days ago

    David Mitchell

    Touché. I should be more careful about posting rude comments as myself. Uncalled for. (I do seriously disagree with your opinion, but it's yours to have). That said, no worries on a job hunt. That profile is old--I'm gainfully employed as a sports writer at my second newspaper in as many years.

  • Michael Bielecki posted 2265 days ago

    Michael Bielecki

    Hey David, thanks for taking the time to read my WSOP piece.

  • Dr. SEC posted 2285 days ago

    Dr. SEC

    Thanks for the heads up! I think it is working now.

  • Russ Wheless posted 2298 days ago

    Russ Wheless

    David, nice comment...I'm new so I'm trying to remain above board...once I start, I don't always know when to stop...thanks for least you did...more than I can say for Harry...

  • Frank Haque posted 2298 days ago

    Frank Haque

    Dave....would you kindly help spread the word about a new tailgating shuttle service being offered for all Georgia home games. Bowl Bus is offering fun, safe, and green round trip transport via luxury bus charters to all Bulldogs games.

  • Dr. SEC posted 2305 days ago

    Dr. SEC

    Thanks for the shout-out bro.Also, way to come out swinging on your first article as an FC.