Bill Brownell

Bill Brownell


I grew up in suburban Atlanta and joined the Navy when I was 17. I spent 5 years in the Navy and then started college. Graduated from Univ of West Fla in Pensacola in 1982. While I was still at UWF, I had my eyes on a UGA post-graduate school. That was in 1980. Yeah - "The Glory Days". I've been a die-hard Dawg fan ever since. Although I had offers from numerous other post-graduate schools, I held out for UGA. Getting that acceptance letter from UGA was one of the top ten moments in my life.

I lived in Athens for 3 years. And for those of you who haven't been there, Athens exists for the Dawgs - it lives and breathes Bulldogs. I graduated in 1985 and moved to another town in Northeast Georgia. I've lived and worked here ever since. On a personal note, I'm happily married with three grown children and grandchildren. We're a family of proud Dawg fans.

I'm not an all sports nut. I play golf. I target shoot. Enjoy heavy-weight boxing (only to watch!). The Braves are great so long as they have post-season possibilities. I love Falcons football and all NFL football for that matter. But I live for college football. All of it. And by far, I eat, breathe, live and bleed red and black. Herschel was gone by the time I got to Athens. But Vince was there; and I've seen uncounted phenomenal players come and go. Post-Vince, I saw a lot of less than phenomenal coaching staffs come and go.

I'm REALLY big on Coach Richt. And I'm convinced that under Richt, UGA will become a long term SEC dynasty in the image of Bear's Tide or (gulp) Spurrier's Gators.

I've enjoyed being part of the Bleacher Report community. It's a great site to learn; to give and get varied perspectives; and to give and get compliments and criticism - unconditionally. I feel like I'm part of an extended family and I've made some great friends that I'd like to meet in person some day. Thanks B/R and friends.

And by the way:
GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!

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  • Gray Ghost posted 2272 days ago

    Gray Ghost

    GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!

  • Gray Ghost posted 2518 days ago

    Gray Ghost

    Can't wait for the Big Dawgs to feast on UCF! GO DAWGS!

  • Puppet Master posted 2536 days ago

    Puppet Master

    OK Bill, I have Georgia in the fight of their life with the Champion of Conference USA. You will face an old friend who knows all about the Bulldogs in George O'Leary.

    If you get a moment, please come by and let us hear from you concerning the bowl predictions and rankings of the best bowl game matchups.

    Thanks !

    Doc Masters

  • Gray Ghost posted 2601 days ago

    Gray Ghost

    Great win! Glad to be back on the winning side!!

  • Gray Ghost posted 2628 days ago

    Gray Ghost

    Bill, I just got back today from a trip to Oklahoma and found my GA yard flag set waiting on me! It is awesome!! I can't wait to fly it on Saturday's. Thanks my friend! I hope our boys get it together quickly or this could be a long season.

  • Gray Ghost posted 2644 days ago

    Gray Ghost

    Bill my buddy! I have this "gift" I have been needing to send you. Gonna mail it pronto. Is your address that same as before when you sent it to me? I am ready for some football!!!

  • Larry Burton posted 2645 days ago

    Larry Burton

    Thanks for the LIKE Bill

  • Puppet Master posted 2665 days ago

    Puppet Master

    Bill, do you remember this contemporary of Herschel in the 1980s? He made his name playing in the South at the same time.

    Let me know if you think about this when you get the chance.

    Thamks.......Doc Masters

  • Eddie Bruce aka GeorgiaDawg posted 2676 days ago

    Eddie Bruce aka GeorgiaDawg

    If you get a minute....

  • Puppet Master posted 2676 days ago

    Puppet Master

    All the detail you should enjoy Bill.

    Doc Masters