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I became a Canuck fan in 1994, when I watched Trevor Linden take his team to the Stanley Cup finals. When I watched what Trevor & his team went through to get as far as they did, it was the most exciting thing I had ever seen. To watch that game 7 in Madison Square Garden & Trevor scoring both goals was incredible. I didn't know it at the time but heard later that Trevor Linden was playing with broken ribs & nose. We came short of ONE goal of winning the Stanley Cup. No other Canuck has taken us that far since. I'm still waiting for someone to step up and take us that far again, or better yet, match, or better yet finally achieve what Trevor Linden tried to do. Although Trevor never got the one thing he wanted to culminate his career, he was & is the best Canuck ever, in my humble opinion. He is worshipped here & he will forever be my hero.

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  • Svyato Rovenchuk posted 3067 days ago

    Svyato Rovenchuk

    The Perfect Hockey Team!

  • Jessie Mar posted 3126 days ago

    Jessie Mar

    Hey IceMan! I've tried for 3 days to leave a comment on ur page. Post a note or reply to ur article 'bout extending Roberto was not working, so I thought I would reply here cuz it worked. I will try & do it on ur page when I'm finished doing it here. I read ur article & all the replies & I agree with Samantha as to the reasons the Canucks should keep Roberto. Myself, I would rather go ahead WITH Roberto than without him. I'm doin' alright, how 'bout you?

  • Nucks IceMan posted 3127 days ago

    Nucks IceMan

    Jessie, we have not heard from you as yet, re my article on the Luongo contract extension. How you do'in otherwise?

  • Svyato Rovenchuk posted 3141 days ago

    Svyato Rovenchuk

    i put a lot of work into this so I would appreciate feedback(even if your not a hockey fan).

  • JW Nix posted 3150 days ago

    JW Nix

    you may like this

    it is a humor piece

  • Jessie Mar posted 3153 days ago

    Jessie Mar

    Yea, Nucks, I was really mad at AV for doing the same thing in the Sharks game, where they sat on a one goal lead, we lost that one too. He did the same thing in the Hawks game! I'm not too impressed with Alain Vigneault!!!!!

  • Nucks IceMan posted 3154 days ago

    Nucks IceMan

    Jes - you know how there's a turning point of each series, with the Nucks and Chicago, it was where the Canucks were holding on to that 1 goal lead in game 4 and if they had won, it would have been 3 games to 1 and of course they lost. Well, I think the turning point of this series (Wings & Pens) was in game 1 in Detroit. In the 2nd period when the Pens had 2 PP and scored none and then Malkin got stopped on that breakaway. Detroit ended up winning. Sunday's game the Pen's hit 3 goal posts and lost. Pens have been snake bit to at least not have 1 W. Sure Detroit is good but they have had more than their share of lady luck. She has a way of evening up. Also look at the peanlities that the Wings are getting away with. That non-call on Hossa's hook of Dupuis's. Look for Pens to win games 3 & 4 at home to tie the series up. Pens are a much better team then last years Stanley Cup version. I to am rooting for the Pens.

  • Jason R posted 3156 days ago

    Jason R

    I'm also rooting for the Pens ;) Didn't work out to well tonight though :/

  • Eric Naughton posted 3156 days ago

    Eric Naughton

    Check out my new article: