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  • Jimmy McMurrey posted 2269 days ago

    Jimmy McMurrey

    nevada > boise

  • Rob L posted 2286 days ago

    Rob L

    Yeah.. i followed that one on the ESPN scoreboard as i have a couple of Fresno State graduate buddies who live and die with their Dawgs. Down to 2 points early in 4th? Wow! We beat 'em 51-zip last year on the blue, but i have a feeling they'll be much peskier this year!

    Congrats on the win. We're looking forward to Friday night (ESPN) in Toledo. Those guys came within 5 points of Ohio State last weekend.. I see we're favored by 17.5 (too many to touch with a bet).

    Nice highlight reel from NB/Fresno here, hadn't seen any of it!

  • Rob Grane posted 2288 days ago

    Rob Grane

    Wow, Fresno State gave us a hell of a fight but we wore them down in the 2nd half for a 42-29 win! Put me on the list as a fan of Pat Hill, his Bulldogs are scrappy!

  • Rob L posted 2295 days ago

    Rob L

    Hey Rob, good game man. Now go kick some Gamecock butt eh? Obviously, we'll be rooting for you the rest of the way!

  • Rob Grane posted 2297 days ago

    Rob Grane

    That is pretty stupid to taunt an opponent before a game, twitter or otherwise, I just read your link. You would think Coach Richt would not let his players do that. I agree with you on Taylor Martinez, just hope he can stay healthy for the season. Nebraska plays a small school called Tennessee Chattanooga and it should be a blowout win for the Huskers on saturday. Your game against Georgia is on ESPN at 8pm on the east coast. Btw, I live in Pennsylvania as a Husker fan surrounded by Penn State fans!

  • Rob L posted 2300 days ago

    Rob L

    Ditto Rob, i'm guilty as well. I'm not sure how Fresno stacks up this year, but they are usually pretty dangerous but especially at home (where we have to play them this year). Don't underestimate them and you should be fine.

    Btw, i'm a big Pat Hill fan (Fresno Coach). He's a class act through and through.

    Oh, and i can't believe Coach Richt still lets his players tweet. Bad idea to taunt our guys! ;)

    Best of luck to you as well, i'll root for ya. Appears you have an awesome QB in Taylor Martinez!

  • Rob Grane posted 2302 days ago

    Rob Grane

    No hard feelings, man. Sometimes I let my passion for the Big Red and college football in general get in the way of my comments. Thans for the Idaho Statesman link I just read it and it was interesting and very true about Nebraska at times. Did you happen to catch who our second game of the season is against? Somebody you know very well, Fresno State! Good luck against Georgia!

  • Rob L posted 2304 days ago

    Rob L

    Thanks Brett, somebody has to do it. They'll pry our pride from our cold, dead hands! ;)

  • TeachfromSLC posted 2304 days ago


    Love the Boise state pride! Keep up the good work on the comment boards :D