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  • jeremy whitt posted 2060 days ago

    jeremy whitt

    Thanks for commenting on the article josh... and while I didn't pick that Badgers - I'll certainly be rooting for them... bigten folk need to stick together in times like these:)

  • Ken Hammerick posted 2062 days ago

    Ken Hammerick

    Thank you for the kind words, Josh--I really appreciate that.

    I apologize for my initial behavior. I was just so mad and sick and tired of hearing about how my lowly Spartans got lucky at home on a fluke.

    Listening to Sports radio today makes the loss even worse because all of my U of M friends keep texting, talking and bragging about how they go to a BCS Bowl and we, after we got our butts kicked, go to a lesser bowl.

    Anyway, that's the way it is.

    Beat Oregon, On Wisconsin!

    Believe me, I am really a nice person and kind and fair.

  • Ken Hammerick posted 2063 days ago

    Ken Hammerick

    Nice game, Josh.

    Clearly, the best team won. No excuses, just a hard fought game.

    Congratulations to you and your Big Ten Champion Badgers!

    On Wisconsin! Beat Oregon.

  • Mike Hoag posted 2068 days ago

    Mike Hoag

    Honestly, I'd be excited but I'm still upset from the Michigan loss. My wife is a big Wolverine fan and I'm not going to hear the end of it until next year. His offense will be a big breath of fresh air.

    I liked what Fickell and his OC started to do against Michigan, they really started opening up the playbook.

    To little, to late for Fickell.

  • Mike Hoag posted 2069 days ago

    Mike Hoag

    Look at that Wisconsin shalacked PSU. MSU is next

  • john cory posted 2078 days ago

    john cory

    Do you have any idea how Husker Husker remain on the site? I cannot believe he has not been benched. He is one of the most foul posters ever.

  • Mike Hoag posted 2080 days ago

    Mike Hoag

    I'm not exactly sure what that guy's taking but he's getting out of control. I just write what I see—he OBVIOUSLY sees many "different" things, haha.

  • husker husker posted 2096 days ago

    husker  husker

    Wisky....... the DOORMAT of the BIG!!

  • husker husker posted 2096 days ago

    husker  husker

    think its funny you didnt think Nebraska could hang in this WEAK conference when your very own Wisky copied EVERYTHING fron NEBRASKA!! and let me tell you your Wisky is NOTHING even close to NEBRASKA!! you see how we get RESPECT in the polls!!