Basketball and football are my two favorite sports. I used to hate the NBA but since Kevin Durant and Derrick Rose were drafted, LeBron turned himself into a worse person than he was before, and UK started being good again and our players got drafted, this lockout is spiraling me into a deep depression. I love the T.O. Show and can't wait for Ochocinco to follow suit. Keith Bogans and Wayne Turner are my two favorite UK players followed closely by John Wall, Patrick Patterson, and the entire roster that made us relevant again.

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  • Rock posted 2018 days ago


    Just a head's up. I just read your article "Red Flags for every top 25 team" and based on the comments there seem to be a lot of inaccuracies. You may want to read them over and re-edit that article.

  • Peter Willemsen posted 2147 days ago

    Peter Willemsen

    I don't know what B/R academy is, but if it's writing school, I hope you're still attending classes. How many articles can one person wirite that are stat driven without knowledge of a team? Do you actually watch games or just guess? Please stop wasting precious electricity on your computer and learn about the things you want to write about. Your CBB rivals column takes the cake, by the way, as the worst-researched, biggest guess of a column I have ever seen on this site, and I've seen a lot.

  • Theo Rattler posted 2175 days ago

    Theo  Rattler

    How do you rationalize calling the michigan basketball team the "newly elite michigan wolverines" in your Top 25 Most Hated Opponents article?

    Pretty low standard for the term elite if you ask me.

  • Mike Pfirrman posted 2219 days ago

    Mike Pfirrman

    Regarding your mock draft, hard to write, so I'm impressed you tried. One thing I have to disagree with is you have the Bengals going DT in the first round. Right now, Bengals D line is young and among the best in football. Their needs are CB, S, G and RB. They could also use another playmaker WR. RB, CB are greatest needs. S is debatable. RB is a must. Cedric Benson is becoming too high maintenance. Scott has not proven durable enough. G is also a need. Bobby Williams is not going to be long for the team. If he's the best you've got, you could stand an upgrade. CB most glaring. Jonathon Joseph not here. Now you have Leon Hall injured for season. That leaves Kelly Jennings, Adam (don't call me Pacman and never see me on the field) Jones, Nate Clements and Brandon Ghee. Clements is close to being done in league and Jones can't stay on field. Ghee is very inconsistent we hear. Jennings is a work in progress. We need two CBs probably more than any other position.

  • David Covey posted 2244 days ago

    David Covey

    "Enter Clint Moseley who has a reputation for making the big play."

    What reputation? On the AU Scout Team?

    I'm sure that the LSU Defense is losing sleep over this guy.........NOT!

    AU will be fortunate to stay within four TDs.

  • Justin Pedersen posted 2247 days ago

    Justin Pedersen