OK, so here we go again..Fifth account?? Sixth account?? I can't keep track anymore.. :)

The Alabama Crimson Tide is my team but I'm an avid fan of college football at large and follow the happenings and goings on of all the major conferences and teams dejour..

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  • Southern Patriot posted 1058 days ago

    Southern Patriot

    Sybil, you need help. There are some good psychiatrists I know along the Gulf Coast and I would be glad to give you a referral.

  • Bama Bolt59 posted 1861 days ago

    Bama Bolt59

    Haven't seen any words from you in a while, where have you been?
    Also do you know where Larry Burton is?

  • Crimson Crazy posted 1888 days ago

    Crimson Crazy

    Larry is just one of many good/great writers that have been driven off of this site by the politically correct over-sensitive bunch at Bleacher Report. They pay nothing, but they expect everything! They suspend and punish with the same equity shown by the NCAA when they hand down their judgements. All you have to do to get rid of any writer that is rubbing you wrong is just keep hitting the flag button and eventually POOF! they will just go away...

  • Jonathan Fravel posted 1940 days ago

    Jonathan Fravel

    been bored with BR. Season about to start. Let's get it on.

  • Jenny McMurrey posted 1979 days ago

    Jenny McMurrey

    You're being passive aggressive. Fortunately I'm past caring.

  • Jenny McMurrey posted 1980 days ago

    Jenny McMurrey

    He didn't have the comments deleted. He hasn't even been on bleacher report in the past few days. I'm the one who reported them.

  • Jimmy McMurrey posted 2015 days ago

    Jimmy McMurrey

    Yo, where the hell is my fan vote?

    Keep readin my stuff and not a fan? UNPOSSIBLE!

  • Jerry Fresh posted 2018 days ago

    Jerry Fresh

    Hey, chilibean. I'm back. Where the fuck is football season? I've been getting into bog snorkeling and cheese rolling just to temper the withdrawals. Ready to rock.

  • Ro Tide posted 2044 days ago

    Ro Tide

    Oh, I don't know if they are still are around or not. I haven't been on B/R for several days, prior to today. I was reading an article earlier and came across one of your comments, and it reminded me of it, I just thought I'd throw my two cents worth of humor into it. :)

  • Ro Tide posted 2044 days ago

    Ro Tide

    Just scrolling thru, having a little fun this afternoon with my fellow Alabama fans.....I'm putting in a motion to make your copycat profiler "wanna-be chilibean", to change his/her profile name to "cheddar pepper" !! LOL

    I always enjoy reading your comments and I love the insight of Alabama Football that you bring to the table!

    RTR !!!