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James Ocano


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  • Will Knightley posted 2208 days ago

    Will Knightley

    You post your question on the wrong place, you should post it under "The B/R Site Bug Clearinghouse" not "Questions About B/R ".

  • Will Knightley posted 2208 days ago

    Will Knightley

    Haha now you know what it's like to me last time. It's super annoying and they probably won't fix your problem for another 5 days (that's how long it took them to respond to me last time).

  • Will Knightley posted 2209 days ago

    Will Knightley

    Are your comments disappearing? are did you just keep deleting them?

  • Justin Lanoff posted 2210 days ago

    Justin Lanoff

    Why did you put your name backwards?

  • James Ocano posted 2210 days ago

    James Ocano


  • Nick B posted 2211 days ago

    Nick B

    Nice read.

  • James Ocano posted 2213 days ago

    James Ocano

    What will 2012 bring in air travel?
    Tipping guide for world travelers
    Mexico gears up for doomsday tourism
    Travel innovations we'd like to see
    10 reasons to try skiing this season
    Winter weekend at Deep Creek Lake
    Today's photo: Costa Rican sunset

  • James Ocano posted 2213 days ago

    James Ocano

    $30K reward in missing toddler case
    Clues sought in Texas family deaths
    Report: Japan's nuclear response poor
    Ship frozen near Antarctica for 10 days
    Bodies wash ashore in Philippines
    Iran: Woman may be hanged, not stoned
    U.N., Iraq agree to relocate Iranian exiles
    Blitzer: Could Iraq break apart?
    Arab League observers arrive in Syria
    Mexico nabs drug lord's security boss
    Ticker: Iowa kingmaker conflicted
    Frum: Ron Paul, codger, crank or more?
    Hack your Facebook Chat, see friends
    Hugh Hefner, ex-fiance battle over pup
    Family's first girl in a century
    iReporters remember 2011
    Teen sleepovers curb pregnancy?
    Return terrible gifts like a pro
    Hanukkah video goes viral
    Rare violin recovered on bus
    This Just In: CNN's news blog

  • Scotty Sanborn posted 2213 days ago

    Scotty Sanborn

    have any of your comments started a debate or been useful in any way? 2,193 B.S. comments.

  • Brandon Mulhall posted 2214 days ago

    Brandon Mulhall

    You just talk SO much crap.