Going to Bard college in New York, studying English. Played Varsity tennis in High school and now playing at the same level in college, and deeply enthusiastic about the sport. From Portland, Oregon, greatest city on the best coast.

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  • Eduardo Afini posted 2177 days ago

    Eduardo Afini

    Hey Erik! I enjoy your articles very much! Great form and perfect English!
    Looking forward to reading more from you.
    Happy new year!!!

  • Ash Marshall posted 2228 days ago

    Ash Marshall

    Hey Erik,

    I thought I'd share with you this article about James Blake and the charity event he's holding later this month. It's for a great cause, hopefully you'll have time to give it a read or promote it to your readers.




  • Anders posted 2251 days ago


    Congrat on becoming a FC. That was quick!?

  • Rohan Subra posted 2260 days ago

    Rohan Subra

    Hey Erik, just wanted to let you know that I published my latest article:
    Please let me know what you'd think.
    Also, I'd love to read your next piece, so please tell me when it's published.

  • Rohan Subra posted 2265 days ago

    Rohan Subra

    Hey Erik,
    You asked if I could show you my next tennis piece, and here it is:

  • Jake Nazar posted 2280 days ago

    Jake Nazar

    Hey really really enjoyed the two pieces you wrote about "GS matches Fed should have lost" and vice-versa. Really enjoyable and one of those pieces on here i just wish somebody would write they are very exciting.
    Well Done,
    Jake Nazar

  • Rohan Subra posted 2284 days ago

    Rohan Subra

    Hey, I read your article about what Nadal needs to do to beat Djokovic. It was spot-on, very well written, and you totally deserved a like for it. I look forward to reading your next articles.

    Excellent job,

    Rohan Subra

  • Alex Wallulis posted 2284 days ago

    Alex Wallulis

    Really enjoyed reading through your articles. "Roger Federer's Rival is Match Point" is spot on and a great headline to boot.

    However, one bewildering moment:

    Favorite Sports Teams: DALLAS MAVERICKS?

  • Erik Wallulis posted 2288 days ago

    Erik Wallulis

    Yeah, that final was nearly impossible to watch, especially the end of the second set tiebreaker. Thanks for reading and responding, and I knew (because of the title) that some people were not going to take it well ;)

  • Neri Stein posted 2290 days ago

    Neri Stein

    That '09 Wimbledon final darn near killed me. Roddick could have another two titles since then if he'd been able to win that one. Good work there, and I like that angle too. Don't listen to readers who comment about how stupid it is. You'll get a lot of that, trust me (just read through some of my comments ;) )