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  • Phoenix Jones posted 1810 days ago

    Phoenix Jones

    hey brother, sorry I didn't see your comment on my board. I usually only comment through a phone. Honestly the reason I am not a fan of womens combat sports is because of the lack of skill level. If there was a female Anderson Silva front kicking people or a female Edson Barboza throwing spinning heel kicks, I would be their biggest supporter. I just don't find the fights that entertaining, especially when their pound for pound best fighter only has 6 professional fights and is constantly being shoved down everyones throats.

    I personally wish I could get into it because I am a huge fan of mixed martial arts and have been training BJJ since I was 13. Anyone who has the courage, male or female to step in the cage has my upmost respect. That being said, the only two fight cards I have ever attended and seen up close featured a womens fight as the second fight on the main card. There was this women who was very attractive and everyone was rooting for her. She ended up getting a massive cut opened up on her forehead and ground and pounded to a TKO which might have been the turning point for me and I really haven't giving them a chance since.

    Hopefully Ronda and Cyborg can put on a hell of a fight and change my mind but I honestly don't see it happening.

  • Josh Matt posted 1898 days ago

    Josh Matt

    an add?