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  • Matt Schaefer posted 3182 days ago

    Matt Schaefer

    Here is the e-mail message I sent to the other people already in (I'll just post it here so you don't fall behind or anything and I don't have your e-mail address yet):

    Hey guys. Thanks for agreeing to take part in this roundtable discussion about what the Buffalo Bills should do in the up-coming draft.

    In case you don't know, I'm Matt Schaefer, one of the Bills Community Leaders.

    This round table is going to be more of a discussion more than just Q&A's that you see on a lot of other round tables. In order to do this, be sure to hit "reply all" when responding to e-mails so that everyone can read your opinions and get their two cents in on it too. That way we can all get our answers in on the question, but also give our take on other peoples comments too.

    We will be starting it up in the next day or two (I am still rounding everybody up and this will give the other members of the community to respond if they want in or not, I am also trying to track down the other Bills community leader). The round table itself will run for a week or two as my goal is to get it published a week before the draft. That should give everybody enough time to answer questions/respond to other comments made and shouldn't rush anyone.

    A week before the draft, I will organize all of the e-mails together into an article.

    I will also be sure to insert proper links to your B/R profiles and other websites you wish to represent when I publish it. Just send over a link you want when you answer the first question. If non is given, I will just put a link to your B/R profile.

    Thanks again everyone. Right now we are up to 6 people (including myself) in the round table and I expect a few more to jump on too.

    Have a good one,
    Matt Schaefer

  • Matt Schaefer posted 3182 days ago

    Matt Schaefer

    Thanks for the quick reply back. I am just in the process of rounding people up. When you get the chance, please send over an e-mail to so I have your e-mail address. I think you are number 6 in the round table so it is close to starting up. I will most likely start it in a day or two, just to give everyone I contacted a chance to respond.

  • Bryn Swartz posted 3308 days ago

    Bryn Swartz

    I commend you. Before I wrote this article, I had no idea that I might as well as insulting Jesus Christ himself. I'm not a Favre hater. I just think he's overrated. So I wrote an article because it's subjective. People need to take a chill pill because it's ok to write something that people will disagree with. Do not respond rationally. You haven't yet. I didn't on my article, either. Fight the urge. People on this website are internet bullies. They like to talk big because you'll never see them in real life. Just stay cool. Oh, and go see my article and the comments for me. It was brutal. It's almost funny. And your picture is awesome. I used it myself on an article about a month ago!

    I got your back man. Stick to the facts!!! Other people don't. Make them look dumb.

  • Mike Craig posted 3309 days ago

    Mike Craig

    Just out of curiosity, who is your favorite football team?