Jake Marion

Jake Marion


I am a fan of NFL, NCAA, CFL and CIAU Football, NHL, CIAU and Canadian Junior Hockey and have some mild interest in MLB and NBA.

I have been a Steeler fan since Super Bowl XIII when I was in third grade.
This is the only team in any sport that I have stuck with for life. I became a Nebraska Cornhusker when they went to the Orange Bowl, missed a 2 point conversion and lost to Miami. I still have hope for a return to championship form.

I currently also for The Toronto Maple Leafs, Edmonton Oilers, Hamilton Tiger-Cats (CFL), UofA Golden Bears (CIAU Football and Hockey), and any team Steve Nash plays for.

I'm just a fan. I write articles for fun. I have no interest in a Sports Journalism career.

I am passionate about alternative energy, alternative health, The Bible and Science, and fnancial freedom. I will soon be writing about those subjects.

I just enrolled au U. Sainte-Anne to get my Bachelor of Education degree. Yes, back ti school at age 40. Gonna teach High School Calculus and Physics.

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  • James Williamson posted 2699 days ago

    James Williamson


    The most controversial issue of the NFL Hall of Fame, and I'm here to spell it out.. Please leave your comments.

  • Richard Bowler posted 2857 days ago

    Richard Bowler


  • Steve Thompson posted 2958 days ago

    Steve Thompson

    Thanks for reading and commenting on my article, Jake. It looks like Edmonton will make the playoffs as the west third seed or the crossover team. It's not been a good year for Ray, and having inconsistent receivers hasn't helped. One wonders if Ray is starting to decline and if he can rebound again.

    I noticed that you are interested in alternative health. You should check out one of my earliest articles, "The End Of A Killer In The Sports World" about a little known alternative therapy that prevents heart attacks and strokes.

  • Nick Signorelli posted 2998 days ago

    Nick Signorelli

    What up everyone? I wrote an article about the changes here on B/R over the last couple of months, and about some of the things that we used to have, that we don't anymore. If you could, check it out.


    As I have said in the past, many times, I am not on here for AOTD votes, but I believe that if enough of you give me your AOTD vote, then maybe the higher ups will bring back some of the things that are gone.

    Thanks a bunch, I really appreciate it.


  • JW Nix posted 3011 days ago

    JW Nix

    do you like NFL Legends?


  • Jonathan Cyprowski posted 3038 days ago

    Jonathan Cyprowski

    Thanks for becoming a fan Jake! I appreciate the support and welcome aboard!

  • Jonathan Cyprowski posted 3047 days ago

    Jonathan Cyprowski

    Hey Jake,

    I just posted a new article on a long shot guy finally getting his shot with the Steelers. I was hoping to get you to take a look at it. Let me know what you think.


  • Nick Signorelli posted 3065 days ago

    Nick Signorelli

    I said in an article last week that when one door closes, another one opens. Here is the story about my door opening. If you get the chance, please check it out. It would mean a lot to me.