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My name is Michael and I am looking to break into the field of journalism. I am 19 and attending Texas Tech in the fall of 2010. I have always enjoyed writing but found that my real passion is medicine and I plan on majoring in Biology. I still like to write and really am rusty. I am looking forward to being an active part of this site. In addition, I have been a Jacksonville Jaguar fan for the past eight years and love to talk Jaguar football. As well I am a Boston Redsox fan.

If anyone has questions or comments, I can be reached at map4jags@aol.com.

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  • Lisa Horne posted 3298 days ago

    Lisa Horne


    Hi, and thanks for the props! The only advice I can give you is to self-promote and don't write traditional journalism. Those writers are predominantly working in the rags, and those papers are cutting jobs left and right due to declining readership.

    Let your voice shine through loud and clear, and don't be afraid to take a stand. Sell your opinion, don't waffle. You may take some hits every now and then for being wrong, but your credibility will be that of one who isn't afraid to state an opinion.

    I was just in the right place at the right time. I got lucky.

    Write good articles that are tight. Try to keep them under 1,000 words. B/r does a great job of promoting their writers on big web sites. From there, the sky is the limit. Good luck!

  • BabyTate posted 3319 days ago


    Welcome to the Bleacher Report, Michael. Good luck in your pursuit of a career in Journalism.

    The national sites will come looking for you if your articles are producing interest and have a solid number of reads. Reads is the key number, not necessarily comments.

    When the national sites pick up your articles, folks in administration here at B/R will email and advise you.

    So, start writing, they are looking for a sharp new writer who can make people think.

    Just some advice, stay on track with the type of articles you are writing now. There is no national interest in stories about "why your team is best and the other peope are not". Those have no interest in the general public. Remember the terms of agreement, keep your language as clean as you would if writing for your local newspaper or reporting on your local television station. Folks of all ages enjoy the B/R, and we don't want anyone offended by inappropriate language. I'm certain you will be fine.

    Great to have you here. Good luck!

    Baby Tate, Community Leader Of The College Football Section Of The Bleacher Report