Aaron Sharrow

Aaron Sharrow


My name is Aaron Sharrow, and I'm a senior at Jacksonville High School. At Jacksonville High I write for the schools paper, am a member in the National Honor Society, and National English Honor Society. I enjoy writing about sports mostly, and it just comes natural to me. I'm hoping to major in Sports Management with a minor in Journalism in College, or possibly the other way around, because recently I've had a lot of success with Journalism.

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  • Griffin Cooper posted 3127 days ago

    Griffin Cooper

    Hey Aaron,

    I had a lot of fun writing this article - My 2000's All Mariner Team. I'd really appreciate it if you checked it out and told me what you think. Thanks a lot!



  • Mosang Miles posted 3226 days ago

    Mosang Miles

    Good to have you back Aaron!

  • Jameson Fleming posted 3282 days ago

    Jameson Fleming

    Just a reminder...B/R poll due to my email jsflemin@syr.edu by 8PM EST Sunday. Try to wait as long as possible to submit your poll so it accurately reflects the games of the weekend. Also include a link to your profile.


  • Mosang Miles posted 3290 days ago

    Mosang Miles

    Sure thing Aaron!

  • Jameson Fleming posted 3290 days ago

    Jameson Fleming

    Yeah man tonight was great! I missed the second half of Michigan-UCLA because I was taping a show for my campus TV station so I'm a little upset over that, but I did catch the last minute. I'll read your stuff over the weekend when I have the time and give you some feedback.

  • Mosang Miles posted 3292 days ago

    Mosang Miles

    Sounds good—I'll take a look.

  • Mosang Miles posted 3292 days ago

    Mosang Miles

    No problem Aaron—keep it up!

  • Melissa Hanschell posted 3293 days ago

    Melissa Hanschell


    no problem, baseball is huge down there(and when i say down there i mean the States) haha
    Hockey is number one here in Canada, so you see more people tuned in to that above anything else really.
    I can tell you worked on it, i don`t think i have seen so many stats in one article before...ever!
    It was great, nevertheless, hopefully i`ll be reading more of your stuff!