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I'm an obnoxious little fella. I like to argue about sports. I like baseball a whole lot, and know a fair amount about it. I like all New York area sports teams, especially the Bronx Bombers, the Jets, and the Knicks.

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  • Torey Ziska posted 3208 days ago

    Torey Ziska

    Man no kidding. I REALLY wish I hadnt gotten them confused. Something tells me had I said bonifacio from the get-go, you would have also said it was a joke that i was saying he might be the fastest in baseball. you may not have gotten into it as much as with callaspo, but nonetheless, i really screwed myself there lol.
    and yes, bonifacio MAY be the fastest in baseball... the dbacks made a mistake letting him get away

  • Torey Ziska posted 3232 days ago

    Torey Ziska

    What up Sam.
    I want to man up and admit my (potential) mistake. I said Alberto Callaspo is one of the fastest runners in bsaeball and that he beat Justin Upton in a footrace.

    First off, there is no doubt Callaspo has incredible speed. You still don't recognize this, and that is fine. However, I believe I got Mr Callaspo confused with Mr Emilio Bonifacio. The dbacks organization has always had incredible amounts of young stars with unheard of blazing speed. Bonifacio is the one that beat upton in a footrace by 2 steps. Therefore I should have been saying Bonifacio is clearly one of the fastest players in the game, for that I am sorry. To MLB fans that know baseball, Callaspo is still a player with incredible speed, for for me to say he is probably top 10 might have been a bit high, and perhaps top 25 is more accurate.
    As I said, callaspo's speed is incredible, but I apologize because for some reason I kept saying his name, instead of Emilio Bonifacio's. Please do not try to debate me again though. I realize Bonifaco has very few SBs in his career also, but this time, I am not wrong when I say Bonifacio would beat any player in baseball in a race.

  • Mike Kent posted 3237 days ago

    Mike  Kent

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