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Aspiring writer.
Not aspiring to write about sports.
May write about sports just to practice writing.

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  • Henry Ball posted 3051 days ago

    Henry  Ball

    Check out my latest if you've got a minute!


    Remember to 'like' it and feel free to recommend to a few friends if you think me worthy! :-)

    Thanks - Henry Ball (Southern Man)

  • Jersey Al Bracco posted 3147 days ago

    Jersey Al Bracco

    Hey USC fans - were the Packers right to trade up for Clay Matthews III? I'd like to hear your thoughts...


  • Cameon Shiflett posted 3183 days ago

    Cameon Shiflett


    I know we have all gotten into arguements about our respected opinions. The ability to share my thoughts and read other's opinions is one of the main reasons that I love this site. Another reason, is the respect that everyone had for each other and I think we've kind of lost that. I'd love for us to get it back on track and make B/R the best it can be.

    With that being said, I'd love it if you checked out my newest article on this very issue. I'd also appreciate any feedback and extra ideas you might have to make this really happen.


    Roll Tide,

  • Cameon Shiflett posted 3203 days ago

    Cameon Shiflett


    I've been on the bench a while. But I felt I needed to write this. It's personal and really has nothing to do with football, but I would love your read and opinion when you get a chance.

    It's nice to know that I have people like you in my community that are willing to and supportive of artistic endeavors.


    God Bless,

  • Kristofer Green posted 3223 days ago

    Kristofer Green

    Have they lost their minds in Lubbock?


  • Cameon Shiflett posted 3226 days ago

    Cameon Shiflett

    I am back from my trip and back to writing articles...or making slideshows rather. I hope you'll check it out when you get a chance.


    Roll Tide,
    The Bama Chick

  • Cameon Shiflett posted 3269 days ago

    Cameon Shiflett


    This one is going to ruffle some feathers. I'm sitting back, waiting for the commotion to start.


    Please let me know what ya think when you get a chance.

    Roll Tide,
    The Bama Chick

  • Cameon Shiflett posted 3270 days ago

    Cameon Shiflett

    David Brantley,

    This one takes a twist in the middle and I'm not sure if it works. I guess we'll see. I'm sure you can relate though. :)


    Please check it out and let me know what ya think when you get a chance.

    Roll Tide,
    That Crazy Bama Chick

  • Cameon Shiflett posted 3293 days ago

    Cameon Shiflett

    Ha. So I wrote another one. I'd love your feedback. :)


    Roll Tide!
    Bama Chick

  • Cameon Shiflett posted 3295 days ago

    Cameon Shiflett

    Oh. And so you know the soldier mentioned is your dear friend Adam. Ha.