Matt Hartup

Matt Hartup


I am 28 years old, was born and raised here in Knoxville, Tennessee. I am a Finance Manager for a dealership in West Knoxville. I am a veteran of the US Air Force, aircraft maintenance was my AFSC. I was active duty for 4 years and served overseas and got out in 2004. My Father and older brother are HUGE Tennessee Sports fans, so I have been around it as long as I can remember. So, it would be safe to say that I grew up around UT football and I love Tennessee football! That is the main reason I came on here, but I have found out since I have been on here that I like to know what is going with all the teams in the SEC.

Football and golf are my favorite sports. I grew up playing football and played up into High School and unfortunately a shoulder injury ended my football endeavors. I was a speedster so I tried running track the following year , but I never really got into it and in that time frame I picked up golf, which I have grown to love over the years. I was very fortunate to get the opportunity to play on some beautiful golf courses in Northern California where I was stationed. There are some very nice courses here in East Tennessee as well. The only problem with golf is I wish I had more time to play!

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