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I am a wrestling junkie. Been watching it since beyond a little child. I love storylines, plain and simple, the wrestling is just acton. I could care less f it is scripted, real or fake. I like it. I also lack real people to discuss about it outside of mofos who repeatedly say "wrestling is fake, or john cena sucks"

I also get tired of internet fans who talk like they are in the business and and use terms in their articles like "mark" and "draw money". I don't really want to hear about why vince russo should be fired, why triple h is the best backstage politician, how to fix the wrestling inustry, or why freddie prinz is the doom of wwe.

I enjoy wrestling simply for what it is. I have no desire or interest in how they run their companies internally. Only storylinees and coommentary on what they present me on tv.

I am not an article writer or a journalist. I'm just a commentator. The sheriff of commentating.

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