Brad Spontak

Brad Spontak


Born, raised and live in Pittsburgh. Grew up a fan of the Panthers, but then my brother went to Syracuse and I switched teams. I followed a couple yeas after he graduated and solidified that bond. We go to games in the Dome when we can and went to the Pinstripe Bowl in NYC which was incredible. Yankee Stadium is not as nice as PNC Park, despite costing three times as much. Seriously.

My favorite of the Pittsburgh teams is the Penguins as hockey is my first love. The Pirates follow (in so many ways) as I like baseball more than football. That isn't to say that I don't like the Steelers. I love 'em, I just don't find football as interesting.

I don't remember not being a Pens fan. Mario Lemieux is my favorite all time athlete. The things he could do where incredible and I feel I am lucky to have seen him play numerous times when he was in his prime. I now feel lucky to be able to see Sidney Crosby play. Truly an amazing athlete. The Pens three Cups are some of my favorite moments, with the 2009 one being the best as it was a very close Game 7. The '91 one was won on an 8-0 game and '92 was a sweep. Kind of anti-climatic. How big of a Pens fan am I? In the 2010 Olympics, I was rooting for team Canada in hockey. I could not have been more pleased that Sid scored the OT goal to win the gold for team Canada. The Cup and the Gold in a matter of months, an amazing feat. Also team Canada's victory in 2002 captained by Mario Lemieux was amazing. Though not considered a member of the Triple Gold Club, I feel that a Canada Cup should count in lieu of a World Championship. Isn't it really the same thing? Not that he needs to prove anything more, I just think that he should be counted among those in that club. Anyway, my love for the Penguins trumps my love for my country.

I know that the Pirates suck. They are the joke of professional sports. 19 losing seasons, the vast majority of my life. I feel that this streak is entirely linked to the Undertaker's WrestleMania streak and that in order for the Pirates to win again, Taker must lose or retire (I don't actually think that, but it is an odd coincidence). I despise the ownership group and I find that any discussion of "worst owners" that doesn't have Nutting at number 1, let alone top 5 is flawed. It is a once-proud franchise that has been sunk into oblivion. A depressing, depressing oblivion. It is the team of Wagner, Traynor, Clemente, Mazeroski and Stargell. What has been done is a travesty, not just to the franchise, but to baseball. I wish Selig would force a sale already.

The Steelers are the greatest team of the post-merger NFL. They are constant contenders and playoff droughts are short. It is good to be a fan. I do despise the ignorant football fan though. This makes me despise most Steeler fans and indeed, football fans in general. I will however defend this is my team. You may hate the Steelers, but it is for the same reason I hate the Yankees. It actually feels good when people hate your team. For instance, no one hates Detroit....they suck. I would love to see them win it once. Even the Browns. I can't hate Cleveland like my dad and grandfathers. Why would I? I never saw Jim Brown play. And he was an Orange...and Ernie Davis was drafted by the Browns and despite never playing a game for them, his number is retired. I can only respect the team. I hope that Cleveland soon finds championship glory which has eluded them for so many decades.

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  • Stephen Sonneveld posted 2104 days ago

    Stephen Sonneveld

    Hi Brad. Thank you again for reading the article on the unionization of wrestling. If you have a minute, you might enjoy, if that's the word, this piece on a lawsuit against WWE from Owen Hart's widow:

  • Darrell Horwitz posted 2151 days ago

    Darrell  Horwitz

    Hey Brad,

    Check out my take on the new Wild Card format. I think you'll find it straight forward. I would love to hear your take on it. Thanks.

  • Maria Cane posted 2208 days ago

    Maria Cane

    WWE's Special MC Report: Life After Attitude Era, Tragedy and Struggle Part III | Bleacher Report

  • Amber Lee posted 2235 days ago

    Amber Lee

    My wicked Andy Van Slyke jersey would obviously drive you wild. ;)

  • Amber Lee posted 2236 days ago

    Amber Lee

    Jeez a McEnroe fan from Pittsburgh, whose first love is hockey. *swoon*

  • Amber Lee posted 2251 days ago

    Amber Lee

    Hey there new fan! Looks like we have a lot of common sports loves :D Especially the most unbreakable sports record! I have the exact same thing on my profile :)