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  • Jenise Rolle posted 3028 days ago

    Jenise Rolle

    I see that you believe Lebron should be the MVP. Here's my article on why Wade had a good shot. Check it out & feel free to argue any points you wish!

  • Steve Smith posted 3029 days ago

    Steve Smith

    Typical of a moron like you, you didn't even bother to really read anything I've written. Otherwise, you'd have known I've stated LeBron should get the MVP this year. Oh, wait, that's right, I'm just a D-Wade

    Dude, you need to grow up, get a friggin' brain, and stop "slurpin'" on LeBron's nutsack.

    It's fools like you who make people hate LeBron, which is a shame, because his game should only be loved.

    Don't post anything on my bio page again, okay a-hole?

  • Daniel K posted 3050 days ago

    Daniel K

    Jersey, you seem like someone who knows Iverson, can you please go and see an article "The Top 25 Players In the NBA Today" by Taylor Smith. he does not, NOT, have Iverson, Kidd, VC, T-Mac, B Davis, in the top 25, he is insane, can you go tell him something, cause this dude is out of his mind.

  • Thomas posted 3143 days ago


    thanks for the add Jersey.