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My name is AJ. I love hockey. The End.

Just kidding.
I live in Calgary, home of the Flames. I grew up a die hard Oilers fan in Saskatchewan, though. My dad tried to raise me a Habs fan, and was a little upset that I liked Borje Salming (Leafs legendary dman). His influence was not lost on me though, because I consider Les Canadiens among my favorite teams.
I spend a lot of time watching hockey, live at the Saddledome and on the tele. I'm a bit of a fiend about it. I'm not as bad as pre lockout, let me get that out there. But I'll watch anyone play against anyone. I'd even watch the Isles play the Blues.

I've recently jumped on the Capitals bandwagon (by recent, I mean during Ovechkin's second season).

Hockey is more than a hobby for me; it's a regular part of my day. Anybody that knows me, knows that I've always got the game on the brain.

The real end.

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