Norm Kennedy

Norm Kennedy


Hey, everyone. My name's Norm Kennedy, a 17 year old kid from the "swamps of Jersey". I love anything regarding the New Jersey Devils, the Dallas Cowboys, The Yanks, Duke Basketball, and Jeff Gordon. I've been lucky enough to own season tickets for the last 3 years for the Devils, and am proud to say that I've only missed a small handful of games over that span. The year didn't go as planned, but I'm all ready for next year. Leave me a comment if you liked my article, leave one if you didn't. Looking foreward to talk sports with anyone, and getting ready for the old season to end (Anybody but Carolina--"A.B.C" all the way!!), and the new one to begin.

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  • levinakl posted 3092 days ago



    Looks like I was off with the cap, which somehow went up by $100,000 in today's official announcment. However, all along I've said it's next years which is the big worry, which will be based of 2009-10 revenues (and are expected to decrease).

    I was wrong to an extent, but time will tell on the cap this time next year.

  • Jack thetraveller posted 3102 days ago

    Jack thetraveller

    Im hopingLemaire comes back. I think Rolston will thrive under him again, as he did in Minnesota, and we'll finally learn to clear the puck! I am looking frward to a good offseason... nothing wrong with fellow devs fans disagreeing on some issues. we all have a common goal!

  • Jack thetraveller posted 3103 days ago

    Jack thetraveller

    Hey Norm,
    Sorry ive not respnded to your comments till now. Im actually on vacation and am checking BR for the first time in weeks via my mobile. I agree with you re Stevens hwvr the players on the list are all current players. As STevens has been retired for a few i didnt think i should mention him.

    I wanted to mention Sakic, Forsberg and C. Lemieux however at this point in their careers i dont think they can be seen as playoff performers anymore. I guess i wanted to list the players that i felt i would choose for my 09 playoff squad. I think we both agree on Lindros. I was gald to see the back of that crybaby!

    Stevens was the best. i genuinely miss the guy. I think we all do. I hope we'll see him as the devs defensive coach in th eyears to come. I love the guy. and i hope u dont think that my being critical of Lou Lamoriello means that im not a true Devil fan. I feel that being critical is very important. in order to move forward i think we should learn form our mistakes.

    LAstly, are you as glad as i am that Sutters gone? I despise the guy and feel he should be condemned for quitting and breaking his contract.


  • Matt Cullen posted 3139 days ago

    Matt Cullen

    Hey Norm,

    Hockey Hall of Famer Scott Stevens' career ended kind of awkwardly. In January of 2004 he missed a few games with the flu and then was diagonsed with Post-Concussion-Syndrome and missed the rest of the season. He would never play again as a lockout wiped out the following season and then his official retirement in September of 2005. Truly one of the greats and my favorite athlete of all-time, I don't feel I have ever honored him the way he earned and I really hope I did it with this article-

    Let me know what you think if you get a chance, if not no worries.

  • Jersey posted 3147 days ago


    Hey Norm, could you check out this piece I did on the Devils' offseason plans? Thanks.