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  • Donna posted 1992 days ago


    I saw where you tried to delete a comment you made to Ris but it wouldn't let you...I wouldn't worry about it if I were you! I'm female also & understand & appreciate you trying to take back your comment...but there's no need! Sometimes...people are what they are & if her post made you react that way & was anything like the one she's posted just a few days ago...then I completely agree w/ you!!! Just because she's female doesn't mean she's not stupid (i.e. douche bag) & needs to be told so. My point is...don't feel badly about expressing your opinion...especially when it is fitting!

    You're a Giants fan & I'm a Saints fan...see ya December 9th! ;)

  • Ris H posted 2072 days ago

    Ris H

    I'm a douch bag? Seriously? Get a life dude.

  • Amber Lee posted 2089 days ago

    Amber Lee

    Ha thank you! I never thought I'd even get close to 10 m reads...I can't believe I've managed to do it in 10 months. Thanks so much for reading s going to be epic.

  • Amber Lee posted 2102 days ago

    Amber Lee

    Hey thanks so much for fanning me on here—I really appreciate the support. :) Your recent activity cracked my sh*t up:

    Pumblechooks' Assassin commented on New York Giants: Why Tim Tebow Will Overshadow Super Bowl Champs:
    Jets Suck