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My name is Mirza, I was born Bosnia-Herzegovina but lived 9 years in Stuttgart, Germany and now reside in St.Louis, Missouri where I play footie in college. I miss europe very much and i'm a supporter of Arsenal Football Club.. the greatest club in the world!

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  • Brian Rhodes posted 3215 days ago

    Brian  Rhodes


    If you get a chance take a look at my latest article and let me know what you think?

    Thanks mate.

  • Ricky O'Neal posted 3242 days ago

    Ricky O'Neal

    What Do Overambitious Boo Boys at Arsenal Expect of Their Average Team?

    New article, have a look and leave an opinion :O)



  • Mary O'Shea posted 3283 days ago

    Mary O'Shea

    Hey Mirza,

    This is not a plug to get reads - you just have to see this goal.



  • Mary O'Shea posted 3284 days ago

    Mary O'Shea

    Can't say on the Arshavin thing - Zenit seem quite stubborn but they are looking to get money out of the wrong club.

    Toth is meant to be the new Nesta apparently. Eduardo was playing tonight must go check how he did

    keep well

  • Mary O'Shea posted 3284 days ago

    Mary O'Shea

    Hi Mirza,

    Loads of stories going on regarding Arshavin and its hard to know which one to believe.

    1) We have offered £12m + £3m add ons making an offer of £15m for Arshavin but Zenit want £20m and Arsenal to pay £3m for agents fees. Arsenal and Zenit are both refusing to budge and Arsenal have put a deadline of Jan 26th on any deal to go through.

    2) The whole thing is a smokescreen and Arsenal aren't going to sign anyone. Some have said that there is no Arsenal delegation in Russia but this story is being put out to make fans believe the board and manager are trying to sign someone.

    Either way we are going to find on Jan 26th it seems and that for me is too near the end of the transfer window which suggests its Arshavin or bust!! Although we have signed an 18-year old defender called Mate Toth.

    Just have to see how this plays out.

  • John Louie Ramos posted 3309 days ago

    John Louie Ramos

    hello, i was hoping if you could check my latest article and give me some feedback, tips or comments.. ill appreciate it.. you can also criticize it if you feel that it's worth criticizing.. LOL.. i hope you like it, happy new year..

  • James Williamson posted 3311 days ago

    James Williamson


    Who do you think is the most important person to Bleacher Report?

  • Mary O'Shea posted 3311 days ago

    Mary O'Shea

    Hi Mirza,

    Welcome to B-R. First off thanks for the fan add and keep the articles and comments coming. Any problems just drop a note on mine or Shyam's bulletin board.

    I think the Alonso transfer is actually more likely than the Arshavin one. Liverpool need the money and I reckon that Rafa wants to buy some players to keep their push for the title going. Since he was willing to sell Alonso in the summer I don't see him changing that now despite Alonso's form as he is one that can make the club money - face it they'll not sell Torres. I'd rather the club spend £20mil on Alonso than Arshavin.

    I feel we will buy in midfield as Wilshere is going on loan to WBA. I know he didn't play much but he was on the bench a lot so that suggests to be that Wenger is going to buy.

    Just another few days and hopefully we'll see some spending.

    Maire Ofeire,
    Arsenal Co-Community Leader

  • Callum D'Souza posted 3313 days ago

    Callum D'Souza