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  • Tim McGhee posted 3021 days ago

    Tim McGhee

    Hello, Monica:

    Here's the link. Enjoy! Tim

  • Tim McGhee posted 3022 days ago

    Tim McGhee

    Hello, Monica! As you well know, this is Friends of Coal Week. I'll have a pre-game article on Thursday. It'll be favorable MU because this year's Marshall team gives them the best chance they've had to beat WVU. Have a great day! Tim

  • Robert Brooks posted 3040 days ago

    Robert Brooks

    Chizik still proving the doubters wrong entering the Ball State game...


    Thanks for reading...


  • Alabama Voodoo posted 3043 days ago

    Alabama Voodoo

    Just a reminder that anyone can make it to the SEC Title game to face the obnoxious and annoying Tim Tebow.



  • Tim McGhee posted 3046 days ago

    Tim McGhee

    Monica, good luck to you and your Tigers this weekend! Tim

  • Tim McGhee posted 3050 days ago

    Tim McGhee

    Hello, Monica!

    I posted an article about WVU's impending victory over Auburn. Since I have POed many Tiger fans today, I wanted to call it to your attention. If you wish, please pull it up from my profile page.

    Have a great day!


  • Tim McGhee posted 3083 days ago

    Tim McGhee

    Good afternoon, Monica!

    Just to give you a heads-up, I'll be writing my Marshall-best-chance-to-beat-WVU article after either the WVU-East Carolina game or the WVU-Auburn game. It all depends on the WVU o-line.


  • Tim McGhee posted 3102 days ago

    Tim McGhee

    Big Mountaineer fan. Big Herd fan. Went to both schools. This season is Marshall's best chance to beat WVU. I'll have an article written about it pre-game probably in early September. Stay tuned.