Ben Black

Ben Black


I bleed orange and blue and have been a Virginia fan for as long as I can remember. I currently work at UVA and go to as many games as I can (both basketball and football). I'm not an alum of the University, but did receive my BA from a nearby college (University of Mary Washington) in Fredericksburg, VA. I was born in Staunton, VA; grew up in Winston-Salem, NC and Roanoke, VA; went to high school in Charlottesville, and returned after college.

I hope to pursue a career in financial analysis and am doing everything I can to make that a reality. Some of my other passions (other than finance) include history (I was also a history major as an undergrad), sports (obviously), and randomly enough meteorology (the study and modelling of weather). Oh and by the way, my first job was as a guide at Monticello when I was a teenager, so I'm about as Virginia as you can get w/o having actually attended UVA. Both of my parents went to UVA, as did my sister, her husband, and my grandfather. I branched off for a while but am coming back around afterall I guess. Regardless of my affiliation with the University itself, I'll always be a rabid Virginia fan, and am proud to call myself a Wahoo.

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