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I like to drink vodka with my friend mike.

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  • cpytbypw ctwhvani posted 2540 days ago

    cpytbypw ctwhvani

    Good morning my pal.
    We offer Levitra on line!
    Your girlfriend will be blithe !

  • Mark Borchardt posted 2745 days ago

    Mark Borchardt

    hey man ive just been to drunk to rite on here for da past couple years man but watchin favre win dat espy last nite man inspired me to get my life staitend out and get back to writtin man.

  • Doug Dwyer posted 3058 days ago

    Doug Dwyer

    Just to get everyone excited about the up coming season, here is the Favre vs. Rodgers preview. Hope to see your comments

    Doug Dwyer

  • Kristin Hamlin posted 3179 days ago

    Kristin Hamlin

    The Favre Saga continues:

  • Nesta Marley posted 3264 days ago

    Nesta Marley

    " Dead Beat....Dead Beat.....Deat Beat " I've got it! You should have a bunch of blind midgets and old people chanting those words as they point at your in disgust in your next movie. If you could lay that down on film, you would finally have a career, instead of lingering around the boys locker room at the local gradeschool in new berlin. God you smell donkey balls!

  • Nesta Marley posted 3278 days ago

    Nesta Marley

    Hey Deadbeat! Make any sweet horror films lately? Still drinking yourself into oblivion? God you are a waste of skin. A horrible, horrible waste of talent.

  • MJ Kasprzak posted 3287 days ago

    MJ Kasprzak

    Make sure you check out my first weekly installment of the Packers positional analysis...

  • Nesta Marley posted 3321 days ago

    Nesta Marley

    Hey Dead beat....get the shit kicked out of you recently? I'm guessing that toothless uncle of yours that is in the movie probably got drunk and started to wail on you. Why else would you be as ugly as you are? Good grief, you look like a drunken retarded midget left out in the cold

  • MJ Kasprzak posted 3324 days ago

    MJ Kasprzak

    Yo, check my Favre vs. Montana. Out.

  • Mike Schank posted 3327 days ago

    Mike Schank

    Hey listen here Mark, I don't need this right now. You know how busy I've been and since last week at Uncle Bills when we got drunk and you made me drive you home? Man Mark what kind of friends make friends drive them home drunk? I woke up and felt I would be alright if I never saw you again in my life. I'll think about it though Mark alright. I'll think about it. I am happy man, I'm just not happy with you right now.