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Hello I am Nathan many know me as narmour. I suppose I'm supposed to write a bit about myself, interests and other pointless things that only a stalker would be interested in. For everyone else however, I'm interested in writing a few articles on sport, straying away from my usual movie/game/music writings. I hope people enjoy what I have to offer. Have a great day!

I'm not big on the whole 'my article is good it deserves hits' thing. If you read my articles then good, if you like them even better. If I find your articles and like them I'll let you know. Simple. I don't like trading comments just to get hits, I don't like people complaining, and sure in hell don't like all the people down each other's throats because of jealousy or what not. You get down my throat it's a bad idea. Read what you like, comment all you like.... but only... only if you like.

''There is no "I" there is only the collective wisdom of a Universe in perfect order. ''


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