Chute Boxe FL

Chute Boxe FL


Chute Boxe was created 25 years ago by Master Rudimar Fedrigo bringing the pure Muay Thai style to Brazil. After conquering a large number of Muay Thai Championships, the Chute Boxe organization started to train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and also began to participate in Vale Tudo (Anything Goes) Championships in Brazil. Chute Boxe currently has nine academies in Brazil and one in Huntington Beach, California. The Chute Boxe organization has the unique quality of being the most famous brand when it comes to the MMA gyms.

Wanderlei Silva is probably the most famous Mixed Martial Arts fighter in the world. He is a pure Chute Boxe athlete; he was born in Curitiba, Brazil and built his career within Chute Boxe and under the leadership of Master Rudimar Fedrigo and Master Rafael Cordeiro. Wanderlei Silva fought in Japan and for 5 years no one could defeat him. Today, he lives and trains in Las Vegas, Nevada fighting for UFC.

The Rua brothers, Shogun with UFC and Ninja formerly with EliteXC also came from the Chute Boxe Camp. The current UFC middle weight champion Anderson Silva is probably the best pound for pound fighter today and he is also a product of the Chute Boxe organization.

Chute Boxe is producing other fighters who are already with large MMA organizations. Many other fighters are training and we believe that they will develop the same skills as these mentioned above and they will have the best MMA training, giving the Chute Boxe organization more champions in the very near future. Our fighters receive a lot of coverage via the internet, television, magazines, newspapers and more.

The MMA is becoming a large business and Chute Boxe will follow the market, because of this Chute Boxe - California was created and Chute Boxe - Florida is about to become a reality.

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    Chute Boxe FL

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