Joseph Hashem

Joseph Hashem


hi my name Joe Hashem I am a teen in high school that love's sports, mostly Baseball and Football. This is one of my favorit sites to find info on whats happening in sports and on other peoples opinions on sports stories! and to all you writers keep up the great work!

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  • James DiMaio posted 1740 days ago

    James DiMaio

    Thanks Joseph!!

  • Marc Freshman posted 1802 days ago

    Marc Freshman

    Thanks very much, Joseph, much appreciated.

  • Kyle Boggs posted 2057 days ago

    Kyle Boggs

    Glad you enjoyed the Rondo vs. Westbrook article. Thanks for the like! Hope to see those two going at it soon.

  • Chris Roling posted 2061 days ago

    Chris Roling

    Hey thanks for liking my Pats article!

  • Chris Mahr posted 2064 days ago

    Chris Mahr

    Thanks for the kind words Joseph as well as the repeat "Reader Praise" endorsements. I hope you continue to enjoy the work I produce.

  • Oliver Thomas posted 2069 days ago

    Oliver Thomas

    Thanks for liking my article, Joseph. Hope to keep you entertained for many stories to come.

  • Randolph Charlotin posted 2074 days ago

    Randolph Charlotin

    Thanks for making my Tavon Wilson article one of your favorites, Joseph. Greatly appreciated.

  • Marc Freshman posted 2075 days ago

    Marc Freshman

    Thanks very much, Joseph.

  • Tom Fitz posted 2078 days ago

    Tom Fitz

    Thanks for reading and liking my article. Thanks for your comment, too.

  • Patrick Buscone posted 2078 days ago

    Patrick  Buscone

    Thanks for liking my article on Mickael Pietrus, Joseph, it means a lot.