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  • Jimmy Grappone posted 2038 days ago

    Jimmy Grappone

    Hey Tarun,

    Thanks for the post and I encourage you to keep writing. I signed up for B/R a few years ago b/c it looked like something fun to do and I always just wrote here and there until I found out about the featured columnist program, applied and got the gig.
    You have a lot of knowledge and some strong opinions about the Panthers, now you just need to keep working on your craft and to get your voice to come through in print/on the computer. How you write is not always the way you would speak and you can often say more with fewer words...something that I always have to keep in mind b/c I can be long-winded.
    It doesn't hurt to apply to write on B/R as a contributor. The editors give good feedback and can give you an idea of where you need to improve as a writer, etc. I've been doing it for a while and I still get edits all the time. Once you are a contributor you can also sign up for B/R University which is 8 assignments to teach you about writing for the internet and you can do it at your own pace.
    All in all, keep writing, feel free to link your stuff to my page or tweet it out to me @ImaPone24.
    And most importantly, thanks for reading my stuff and leaving comments to contribute to the conversation! It feels good to know I'm building an audience and some fans out there of my own!
    Take care,
    Jimmy G.